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Score Trends: Daytona USA +16.42Lies of P -15.75Evil Dead: The Game -13.59Wild Hearts -13.32RATATAN +11.73Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III -11.73NBA 2K24 -11.6Project mugen +11.34Kirbys Star Stacker +11.07LEGO 2K Drive +10.9Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth -10.39Party Animals +9.82AK-xolotl +9.09Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon -8.8Dishonored 3 +8.64Little Nightmares III -8.49Mary Skelter Finale +7.32Blasphemous II +6.9Dying Light 2 -6.51Grand Theft Auto 6 -5.54Ys X: Nordics +4.19Star Ocean: The Second Story R +4.14Far Cry 4 -4.11Rune Factory 3 Special +2.44Pokemon Scarlet -2.41 More

- Atari Jaguar CD

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Primal Rage game

Primal Rage

  • Fighting

Players control one of seven large beasts that battle each other to determine the fate of the planet. Efforts to perfectly emulate the arcade original have been unsuccessful due to an unusual copy protection method that the developers used. The final battle of the single-player game consisted of fighting...

Highlander: The Last Of The MacLeods game

Highlander: The Last Of The MacLeods

The game used motion capture in the character animation. The game features clips from the Highlander animated series to move the storyline along..