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The Best Video Games On OS X

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Call Of Duty game
On Sale: $19.99 $9.99

Call Of Duty

  • Classic
  • FirstPerson
  • Shooter
  • WorldWarII

The earlier games in the series are set primarily in World War II, including Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty 3. While Infinity Ward is still a developer, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games also develop several of the titles with the release of the studios' games alternating with each other....

The Witcher game

The Witcher

  • Action
  • HackAndSlash
  • RolePlaying

The books have been adapted into a film, a television series, video-games, graphic novel series, and the series of novels is known as The Witcher Saga. The Witcher short stories were first published in Fantastyka, a Polish science-fiction and fantasy magazine, beginning in the mid-1980s. Although The...

Rocket League game

Rocket League

  • Sports
  • vehicle
  • automobile

Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based sequel to the beloved arena classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!Described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars", Rocket League has up to eight players assigned to one of two teams, using rocket-engine...

Dead Cells game
On Sale: $24.99 $14.99

Dead Cells

  • roguelike

Dead Cells is an upcoming roguelike-Metroidvania hybrid video game being developed by Motion Twin, and currently is in early access testing for Microsoft Windows, with plans to bring it to macOS and Linux in the future. The player controls a mass of cells that occupy and control the body of a deceased...

Half-Life game
On Sale: $9.99 $0.99


Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's debut title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around...

Cave Story game

Cave Story

Arguably the most well-known indie game of all time, Cave Story features a completely original storyline wrapped with personality, mystery and hours of fast-paced fun. Cave Story is an action-adventure game from the critically acclaimed independent designer, Daisuke Amaya--or Pixel to his fans. Overflowing...

Yooka Laylee game

Yooka Laylee

Yooka-Laylee is a throw back to classic 90s collectathon games like Donkey Kong 64 and Banjoo Kazooie. The developer has a lot of talent from the original Rareware Team who worked on those games working on this game. It also was crowdfunded extremely quickly.

Borderlands 2 game
On Sale: $19.99 $4.99

Borderlands 2

  • Shooter
  • RolePlaying

It is the second game in the Borderlands series and the sequel to 2009's Borderlands. The Game of the Year Edition of the game was released on October 8, 2013 in the U.S. Borderlands 2 is an action role-playing game played from a first-person perspective. The gameplay revolves around the completion of...

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition game

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Now you can experience this fantastic RPG on Mac and PC!

Minecraft game


  • indie
  • adventure
  • building

Multiple gameplay modes are available, including survival mode where the player must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health, a creative mode where players have unlimited resources to build with and the ability to fly, an adventure mode where players can play custom maps created by other...

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • racing
  • Shooter

In the year 1986, Tommy Vercetti is heavily indebted to his mafia superiors after a drug deal gone awry, but his dreams of taking over Vice City (based on Miami) push him down a different path. Featuring a wide variety of vehicles, unique radio stations playing hit songs from the era and an intense atmosphere,...

Grand Theft Auto III game

Grand Theft Auto III

  • racing
  • Shooter

Featuring a fully 3-D living city, a combination of narrative driven and non-linear gameplay and a completely open environment, Grand Theft Auto III represents a huge leap forward in interactive entertainment. For the first time, players are put at the heart of their very own gangster movie, and let...

Praey For The Gods game
On Sale: $29.99 $14.99

Praey For The Gods

  • adventure
  • Action
  • survival
  • OpenWorld
  • Simulation
  • RolePlaying

"Praey for the Gods" is a brutal journey set on a desolate frozen island, where your only chance of survival is to destroy the very gods you believe in. In Praey for the Gods, you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter. Arriving with...

Half-Life: Blue Shift game
On Sale: $4.99 $0.69

Half-Life: Blue Shift

Blue Shift is the second expansion for Half-Life, originally intended as part of a Dreamcast version of the original game. As with Gearbox's previous expansion pack Opposing Force, Blue Shift returns to the setting and events of the original game, but portrays the story through the eyes of another person....

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game
On Sale: $19.99 $9.99

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

  • adventure
  • Action
  • adventure
  • Action
  • adventure
  • Action

The online multiplayer classic comes to Nintendo Switch™ with modernized controls. Take on the role of a new student eager to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. - Play with up to 16 online players in six online multiplayer mod…

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood game

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

  • adventure
  • RolePlaying

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is an expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn coming out in early summer 2017.

Max Payne game
On Sale: $9.99 $3.49

Max Payne

  • Shooter

Max Payne is a third-person shooter in which the player assumes the role of its titular character, Max Payne. Almost all the gameplay involves bullet time-based gun-fights and levels are generally straightforward, occasionally incorporating platforming and puzzle-solving elements. The game's storyline...

Beneath A Steel Sky game

Beneath A Steel Sky

  • adventure
  • PointAndClick

Set in a dystopian future, the player assumes the role of Robert Foster, who was stranded in a wasteland known as "the Gap" as a child and adopted by a group of local Aboriginals, gradually adjusting to his life in the wilderness. The game has a serious tone, but features humour-filled dialogue,...

Starbound game
On Sale: $14.99 $5.99


  • Platform
  • RolePlaying

Starbound begins with the player in a space shuttle, fleeing their homeworld just as it is destroyed by an unknown enemy. With nothing to guide it, the escape pod shoots into space without direction, becoming hopelessly lost in a sea of stars. As luck would have it, the space shuttle touches down on...

Deus Ex game

Deus Ex

  • Shooter
  • RolePlaying

Set in a cyberpunk-themed dystopian world in the year 2052, the story follows JC Denton, an anti-terrorist agent given superhuman abilities by nanotechnology, as he sets out to combat hostile forces in a world ravaged by inequality and a deadly plague. Deus Ex's gameplay combines elements of the first-person...

Arma 3 game
On Sale: $9.99 $3.39

Arma 3

Arma 3 is a truly massive military simulation sandbox game. It offers a wide variety of true/sci-fi combat situations in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. It also comes out of the box with a very powerful editor that allows players to create their own scenarios, campaigns and mapmodes both for...