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Score Trends: Blue Protocol -57.12Trip World +17.2Nintendogs +16.81Daytona USA +16.42Lies of P -15.75Wild Hearts -13.32RATATAN +11.73Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III -11.73NBA 2K24 -11.6Kirbys Star Stacker +11.07LEGO 2K Drive +10.9Party Animals +9.82Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition +9.53AK-xolotl +9.09Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon -8.8Little Nightmares III -8.49Excitebike 64 +7.61Mary Skelter Finale +7.32Blasphemous II +6.9Fort Solis +6.73Dying Light 2 -6.51Life by You +6.23Bomb Rush Cyberfunk +5.97Grand Theft Auto 6 -5.54Ys X: Nordics +4.19 More

- Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Best Video Games On Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Chrono Trigger game
On Sale: $14.99 $7.49

Chrono Trigger

  • multipleending
  • timetravel
  • RolePlaying

Chrono Trigger is a Japanese Role Playing Game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and then later released on multiple other devices. It's unique in that the game has several different endings which all rely on the time travel feature of the game.

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars game

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

  • RolePlaying

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a role-playing video game developed by Square and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. It was the final Mario game published for the SNES. The game was directed by Chihiro Fujioka and Yoshihiko Maekawa, produced by Shigeru...

Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past game

Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

  • adventure
  • Action

Instead of continuing to use the side-scrolling perspective introduced to the series by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past reverts to an overhead perspective similar to that of the original. While A Link to the Past still uses mechanics and concepts from the original game, it also introduces...

Super Mario Bros 3 game

Super Mario Bros 3

  • adventure
  • Platform

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a platform video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console. Mario and Luigi embark on a quest to save Princess Toadstool and the rulers of seven different kingdoms from the antagonist Bowser and his children, the Koopalings. The player, as Mario or Luigi,...

Rock 'n' Roll Racing game

Rock 'n' Roll Racing

  • racing

Rock n Roll Racing is a battle-racing game. It was originally developed as RPMII, a sequel to RPM Racing. However, Interplay decided to add licensed music and change the name. The game puts four players up against each other in various tracks with hazards. There's a heavy emphasis on destroying other...

Super Mario World game

Super Mario World

  • Platform

Super Mario World (known in Japan as Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4) is a side-scrolling platformer developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on November 21, 1990 (in Japan), August 31, 1991 (in North America), and April 11, 1992 (in Europe)....

Donkey Kong Country game

Donkey Kong Country

  • adventure
  • retro
  • Platform
  • pixel

Donkey Kong Country is a side scrolling platformer by British developers Rareware in 1994. It featured revolutionary pre-rendered 3D graphics that give the game a very unique look compared to most other games on consoles at the time. The two playable characters featured in the game are the titular character,...

Super Mario Kart game

Super Mario Kart

  • racing
  • Arcade
  • KartRacing

The first game of the Mario Kart series, it was launched in Japan on August 27, 1992, in North America on September 1, 1992, and in Europe on January 21, 1993. Selling nine million copies worldwide, the game went on to become the third best selling SNES game of all time.Super Mario Kart was re-released...

Super Mario Bros. game

Super Mario Bros.

  • Platform

[game]Super Mario Bros.[/game][a] is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo as a pseudo-sequel to the 1983 game, Mario Bros. It is the first of the Super Mario series of games. In 2005, IGN's poll named the "pioneering" and "highly influential" title as the "greatest...

Samurai Shodown game
On Sale: $73.95 $12.36

Samurai Shodown

  • Action
  • Fighting
  • Simulation

Despite the name of the series, most of the characters are not samurai in the true sense of the word. The stories in the series take place in 18th-century Japan, during the Sakoku or seclusion period of Japan with great artistic license so that foreign-born characters and fictional monsters can also...

Super Metroid game

Super Metroid

  • Platform
  • Shooter

Super Metroid is an 2D, side-scrolling action-adventure game, which primarily takes place on the fictional planet Zebes—a large, open-ended world with areas connected by doors and elevators. The player controls Samus Aran as she searches the planet for a Metroid that was stolen by Ridley, the...

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddys Kong Quest game

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddys Kong Quest

  • adventure
  • Platform

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is the sequel to Donkey Kong Country. It was developed by Rare and is one of the best selling Super Nintendo games.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe game

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe

  • Sports

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe is a football video game and the sequel to International Superstar Soccer developed and published Konami's, KCEO division. ISS Deluxe has realistic animations and player sprites. 3 African and Asians including: Japan, Turkey and Morocco. In the Japanese version had...

Mega Man X game
On Sale: $19.99 $7.99

Mega Man X

  • Action
  • Platform
  • Shooter

Mega Man X , known in Japan as Rockman X , is a Mega Man series of action platform games released by Capcom. X was a new type of robot with the ability to make his own decisions. Reploids were dubbed "Mavericks" , and a force called the Maverick Hunters was formed to combat them. There are...

Earthbound game


  • Strategy
  • TurnBased
  • RolePlaying

Join Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in a sci-fi turn-based JRPG adventure as they fight a mysterious alien force named Giygas in a quirky land based off of the real world.

F-Zero game


  • racing

F-Zero is a series of futuristic racing video games originally created by Nintendo EAD with multiple games developed by outside companies. Since then, the series has been represented in other Nintendo media, including in the Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. The first game in the series and a launch game...

Kirby Super Star game

Kirby Super Star

  • Platform

The game was later released for the Wii Virtual Console in Japan in October 2009 and in North America and Europe in May 2010 while the Wii U Virtual Console version was released in Japan on May 1, 2013 and in North America and Europe on May 23, 2013, although the Wii U Europe users get the North American...

Battletoads In Battlemaniacs game

Battletoads In Battlemaniacs

  • Fighting
  • Platform

The game was released in North America in June 1993, in Europe in October 1993 and in Japan on January 7, 1994. The game follows two Battletoads, Rash and Pimple, on a quest to stop Silas Volkmire and the evil Dark Queen from ruling over the world. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs is an action-platform beat...

SimCity game


  • Simulation
  • Strategy

The game was first published in 1989 as SimCity, and it has spawned several different editions sold worldwide. The residential zones, in green, provide housing for SIMS; the commercial zones, in blue, provide shops and offices; and the industrial zones, in yellow, provide factories, laboratories and...

Terranigma game


  • adventure
  • RolePlaying

Terranigma tells the story of the Earth's resurrection by the hands of a boy named Ark, and its progress from the evolution of life to the present day. The game keeps a top-down perspective view of the world and utilizes an action-based real-time battle system that allows the player to perform different...

Super Mario Bros. 2 game

Super Mario Bros. 2

  • Platform

2, released in Japan as Super Mario USA , is a 1988 platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The characters, enemies, and themes of the game were meant to reflect the mascots and theme of the festival. 2 has been considered a classic Super Mario Bros. The...

First Samurai game

First Samurai

  • Action
  • Platform

A 2D action-platforming game that begins in a mystical representation of feudal Japan but travels all over time. It was originally released on European home computers, though the 1993 SNES port by Kemco was published in all regions.

Dirt Trax FX game

Dirt Trax FX

  • racing
  • superfx

Dirt Trax FX is a racing video game developed by Sculptured Software and released by Acclaim Entertainment for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995.

Super Star Wars game

Super Star Wars

  • ShootEmUp

Super Star Wars is a 1992 video game for the Super NES based on the 1977 film Star Wars and re-released on the Virtual Console in 2009. Super Star Wars generally follows the plot of Star Wars, although some allowances were made to adapt the story to suit an action game. Most of the stages consist of...