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On Nintendo 64

Animal Crossing game

Animal Crossing

The series is notable for its open-ended gameplay and extensive use of the game systems' internal clock and calendar to simulate real passage of time. Thus, passage of time in the game world reflects that in reality, as well as the current season and time of day. The player's house can also be furnished,...

Blast Corps game

Blast Corps

Blast Corps is a 1997 action video game for the Nintendo 64 in which the player uses vehicles to destroy buildings in the path of a runaway nuclear missile carrier. The game was among Rare's first for the Nintendo 64. Blast Corps was released to universal acclaim and received Metacritic's second highest...

Bust-A-Move '99 game

Bust-A-Move '99

In the tradition of the Bust-A-Move series, Taito's Bust-A-Move '99 is a traditional puzzle game. The main objective is to destroy or get rid of (by dropping) all the bubbles located within the stage. Once you do this, you'll graduate to the next level. While the premise may sound simple, the logic...

Chicken Run game

Chicken Run

Aardman's first feature-length film, it was directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick and based on an original story by Lord and Park. The farm is run by the cruel Mrs Tweedy and her husband, Mr Tweedy, who kill and eat any chicken that is no longer able to lay eggs....

Duke Nukem 3D game

Duke Nukem 3D

Play as Duke Nukem in his super macho adventures as he fights aliens from stealing his babes. Duke Nukem 3D was a major part of establishing first person shooters as a major gaming genre, its historical value is very high despite its extremely manly humor and puns. Duke is a parody of many action heroes...

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition game

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is the definitive compilation of the landmark first-person shooter that includes enhanced versions of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and three unique expansion packs as well as the original version of the classic game. The iconic Duke Nukem battles it out against a slew...

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown game

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown

Aliens have landed in futuristic Los Angeles and it's up to the Duke to bring the pain and show them the door. After the initial entries of side-scrolling platform games, Duke Nukem 3D introduces a first-person perspective to the series and turns the game into a full-fledged shooter with 2.5D graphics....

Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside game

Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside

At the time of the game's release, Kobe Bryant was in his second NBA season and at age 19, was the youngest player to have a game to his namesake. Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside features 5-on-5 gameplay. Due to licensing agreements, a fictional player named "Roster Player #98" is used in Jordan's...

Mace: The Dark Age game

Mace: The Dark Age

"For centuries an impenetrable darkness has shrouded Europe, Arabia and Asia, with countless victims succumbing to the ravenous hunger of unchecked pestilence and war. Comprise the Covenant of Seven - lords who have allied with Asmodeus, a practitioner of the dark arts who wields the fabled Mace...

Madden 2001 game

Madden 2001

Madden 2001 refines the gameplay of the previous games to make what was arguably the best console football game in 2000. New features include textured face mapping of over 200 players, frighteningly good AI, 50 unlockable legendary players, and tradable Madden Cards.

Monster Truck Madness 2 game

Monster Truck Madness 2

Monster Truck Madness 2 is a monster truck racing video game developed by Terminal Reality and EDGE of Reality, and published by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows 95, NT, and Nintendo 64 in 1998 and 1999. However, the game engine is essentially the same, and most custom trucks and tracks are compatible...

Mystical Ninja game

Mystical Ninja

Ganbare Goemon , known as Goemon and Mystical Ninja internationally, is a video game series created and produced by Konami. Etsunobu Ebisu is the joint producer of the franchise. Games revolve around the main character, Goemon and his exploits. While the early games emphasized Goemon as a noble thief,...

Rampage 2: Universal Tour game

Rampage 2: Universal Tour

Rampage 2: Universal Tour is the third game in the Rampage series. The player then uses the characters in the part of the world where the rescuee is held. A news channel covers all the destruction caused by the monsters. When every building in a city has been destroyed, the game will advance to the next...