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Our mission is to empower gamers to create a crowd sourced alternative to traditional gaming media.


Things Gamers Need


No contracts or business deals that stop gamers from speaking their minds. Trust you're getting your gaming from real gamers.


More than reviews, news, and videos. Manage your backlog, create shareable lists of games, create your profile, and more!


Game Sense is ran by gamers, for gamers. No weird business deals, no shady funding, no conflicts of interest. Just video games.


Game Sense is our vision of crowdsourcing video games media to make something better.


Post Your Videos On Game Sense


Learn what videos draw the most viewers based on Post Topic, game, and more!


Write quality posts that gets gamer's attention and encourages them to watch your video.


Your videos become a valuable resource for anyone looking for information about the game you're posting about.

Doing nothing more than asking for subscribers is the slowest way to grow your channel. Game Sense gives you tools to help you grow your channel that you can't get anywhere else. And it's free!

Manage Your Backlog

Game Sense gives you the power to manage your video games and get news and reviews about what matters to you. Stop having crappy games shoved in your face, and take control of what you see.


Game Sense Backlog

Filter Posts

You can filter posts by what video games are on your backlog. Optionally filter posts by your backlog, gaming platforms, or explore all posts.

Never Forget

Keep up with game releases on your backlog. A great way to keep up with cool games that don't get the media attention they deserve.

Release Dates

Keep track of games you've already played, or get notified when games on your backlog you're looking forward to are released.

Game Sense Scores

See how Game Sense scores are living, breathing scores based on gamer's input.

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Do more with Game Sense

Post about video games

Post what you want, about any game you like.

You have the freedom to post about any games you like. Between this freedom, and Game Sense's lack of commitments to publishers, you're genuinely free to share your honest opinions about whatever you like. Feel free to post about any games, popular, AAA, indie, niche, JRPG, hentai, etc. You are in control.

Focus on a few specific games you love, or spread yourself all over and share your expertise with everyone. Game Sense is about building a database of video games reviews, news, videos, and more by crowdsourcing. We want to cover as many video games as possible, from all over, and we need your help!

Promote yourself

Game Sense is extremely generous with self-promotion.

Game Sense believes that gamers who are dedicated enough to write out quality reviews and create videos are some of gaming's biggest fans. We want to share your views, opinions, and knowledge with everyone we can! Which is why we want to help you promote yourself!

All we ask is that you are transparent, and you make your Game Sense name the same as your channel or what you're promoting. You can promote your own game and add it to Game Sense too!

Grow with a goal

Don't spray and pray, find what works for you.

Game Sense gives you quality analytics based on your posts. Break down how popular your posts are based on when you post, what game you posted about, and what type of post you made. Don't just make random videos and hope people show up. Learn what your strengths are and focus on them with Game Sense Analytics.

Knowing what works and what doesn't will help you grow, and Game Sense analytics lets you see where your strongest points are.

Rate games' specific parts

You can make a difference, even if you don't like to write.

There's a lot of gamers with great opinions and a lot of knowledge, but they just don't like to write. You can rate video games based on their game play, graphics, controls, and more. You can rate if you don't like to write, or you can rate games even when you post.

Rating games (or publishers, developers, localizers, gaming consoles, etc) affects their scores, just like writing posts do.

Organize Your Backlog

Keep track of your video games.

You can track games you are playing, want to play, or stopped playing. You can also filter news, videos, reviews, and more based on what's on your backlog.

Create Lists

Make lists of your favorite or least favorite games, for any reason.

Everyone loves a top list. You can easily make your own and share it. If you've posted about the games on your list, people looking at your list will see your posts first.

Vote On Posts

You can vote on posts to change scores

Vote whether you agree or disagree with a post and the post's Post Topic. Your vote will make that post more or less powerful, changing the influence on the score that post has.


Talk to gamers.

You can comment on other posts and speak with other gamers.

Gain Power And Influence

Build your reputation as a gamer.

The more involved in Game Sense you become, the more powerful you will become when changing scores. You'll also earn perks, like earning more votes on posts, too!

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Advanced Posting And Scoring

Game Sense uses a unique posting system that lets you understand and organize games and scores like never before.


Improved Posting And Scores


Game Sense has been built from the ground up to make shilling and viral marketing a waste of time.


See what causes scores to be the way they are thanks to Game Sense Post Topics! No more random scores that you don't know the reasoning behind.


Get reviews, videos, and more about different parts of games from a wide variety of different gamers.

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Become A Guru

Have your posts featured on Game Sense and promote yourself from one place with one post.

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    Create an Account

    Game Sense is free to join and open to anyone. There's a lot of stuff for you to do, too.

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    Share with friends

    Show off your posts, favorite games, gaming lists, profiles, and more.

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    Get better games

    Enjoy getting video games from real gamers. No shills, no BS. Just video games by gamers, for gamers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join?

Game Sense is open to anyone. Whether you just want to post about video games or manage your games, want to post videos from your channel, or want to update and add your game to Game Sense.

What Games Are Allowed?

You can talk about any video games you want. New, old, AAA, indie, games you made for fun, etc. You can even talk about adult games, just keep your posts clean of adult content.

Who owns my posts?

Posts that you write belong to you, but you give Game Sense permission to use your posts on (and our social media sites) how we like.

Can I post my own stuff?

Absolutely! You are free to post your own videos, articles from other sites, and more. We just ask that you make it transparent and obvious that you're promoting yourself by using your same name and branding.


Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Problems?

Feel free to contact us via this handy form if you have questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or you notice something wrong with the site. If you would like for Game Sense staff to get back to you in a way besides email (like Twitter), please include that in your message.

@GameSensedotCo Important updates and information about the site if service is interrupted is posted on Twitter.

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