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Score Trends: RoboCop: Rogue City +0.87mother 3 +0.77Pacific Drive +0.7Under a Rock +0.68Noctuary +0.53Cities: Skylines 2 +0.31Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League -0.12Baldur's Gate 3 +0.04Hogwarts Legacy -0.03Splatoon 3 +0Steam Deck 0 More

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Our mission is to empower gamers to create a crowd sourced alternative to traditional gaming media.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join?

Game Sense is open to anyone. Whether you just want to post about video games or manage your games, want to post videos from your channel, or want to update and add your game to Game Sense.

What Games Are Allowed?

You can talk about any video games you want. New, old, AAA, indie, games you made for fun, etc. You can even talk about adult games, just keep your posts clean of adult content.

Who owns my posts?

Posts that you write belong to you, but you give Game Sense permission to use your posts on (and our social media sites) how we like.

Can I post my own stuff?

Absolutely! You are free to post your own videos, articles from other sites, and more. We just ask that you make it transparent and obvious that you're promoting yourself by using your same name and branding.