Advanced Posting System

Game Sense posts let you organize and manage reviews, news, videos, and more by Post Topic.


How To Write Game Sense Reviews


Find a game to post about. You can post about any games you like. If it's not in the Game Sense database, you can add it.


Think of something specific you like or dislike about the game you selected. Good places to start are game play, controls, audio (sound effects, music, etc).


Make your case and prove to gamers why your opinion about your game is right. Back it up with examples from the game.


Write More Than Reviews

Write Reviews

Focused reviews about specific parts of a game you like or dislike.

Sometimes, there's some very obvious things you like or dislike about a game. When writing Game Sense reviews, you write individual reviews about the parts you like or dislike.

Game Sense will take all your posts (and posts from other gamers) and calculate a score based on the sum of everyone's reviews.

Reviews are ranked posts, they will affect the score of whatever you're posting about.

Post Vidoes

Share interesting videos you find on YouTube or Twitch.

You can make video posts that prominently feature a video with the post. Video posts are placed into the closest matching Post Topic you can find (it's a matter of your opinion!)

Briefly describing your video, and giving gamers a reason to watch your video, will ensure that more gamers watch your video.

Video Posts are ranked, they will affect the score of whatever you're posting about.

Curate or Write News

Gamers care about getting news from quality sources, help them find it.

You can post links to interesting news stories. Find a link to the article you like (or you can write your own), choose a Post Topic based on your opinion, and then make your post.

Game Sense has news source rankings based on what gamers think of news sites they're posting on Game Sense. You can help support quality gaming journalism outlets by posting them on Game Sense and rating their site pages on Game Sense.

News Posts are ranked, they will affect the score of whatever you're posting about.

Leak Something

If you have the scoop on secret info, you can post it.

You are allowed to post unreleased information about video games or whatever. Our only rule is that you accept full responsibility for the leak, do not leak things you are under an NDA about or something like that!

Leaks are not ranked, they do not affect the score of whatever you're posting about.

Teach Gamers How To Do Things

Write a guide or how to and help gamers improve their game.

You can write guides and how tos about any part of a game. Teach other gamers how to clear a difficult part of a game, where to find specific items, how to farm effectively, and more.

Guides and How Tos are not ranked, they do not affect the score of whatever you're posting about.

Free Posting

Have some freedom to post about whatever.

Free posts let you write almost anything you want about a game. Ask a question, share your brief opinion, whatever. Free posts are easy to make, don't require a Post Topic, and don't count toward scores.

Free Posts are not ranked, they do not affect the score of whatever you're posting about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Post?

Anyone can join and start posting about any games they like.

What Is A Post Topic?

A Post Topic explains what a post is about briefly (game play, graphics, controls, etc). This lets gamers focus on specific parts of a game when posting about them, and it makes it really easy for gamers to filter through posts and find what's important to them.

When making a post, you'll first narrow down your Post Topic by choosing a Post Category. Post categories can consist of things like game play, graphics, controls, etc.

After you select your Post Category, you'll choose your Post Topic. As an example using game play, you'd choose a Post Topic like "Game Play You Love", "Game Play You Hate", etc. and then tell gamers about what you love or hate and why you love and hate it.

How Are Scores Changed?

Your posts' effect on scores is determined by the Post Topic, your user level, and how many votes you've earned on your posts.

What's This User Level Thing?

The more you participate in Game Sense, the larger the change your scores will be. Everything is weighted so the top 40% or so are roughly equal.

This is done primarily to prevent shills and viral marketers from writing fake reviews and improperly influencing scores. User Levels are used to ensure that the gamers who have the best opinions (from the community) and are active and knowledgeable have an advantage over marketing people. Marketing people tend to only write a small handfull of posts about their product, so ensuring legit gamers who post a lot have an advantage helps keep scores proper.