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Gain Subscribers With Game Sense

There's better ways to grow your channel than just asking for subscribers.


Tools For Growth


Game Sense Stats can tell you what types of videos gain the most viewers, as well as what games get the most.

Long Term Growth

Enjoy steady, long term growth of your channel. It won't happen overnight, but you'll start to see great improvements over time.

Gain Subscribers

Spend more time making videos and less time advertising yourself by becoming a Game Sense Guru and having your Game Sense posts with your videos featured on our popular social media.


Get Your Channel Growing!

At Game Sense, we believe some of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable gamers in the world are the ones that are dedicated enough to video games to create videos about games. In all of our time existing, we've seen a ton of great channels scattered across the internet, promoting their channel the wrong way and working by themselves. The internet is more social than it's ever been, and we believe it's time for smaller gaming channels to pool together and work together to create something great, together.

We believe watching great channels go unviewed is a travesty. There are great channels out there, by gamers who know more than the elitist video game journalist or stuffy forum goer, but they don't promote their channel properly, and they don't network and work together with other gaming channels to grow together.

Asking for subscribers, while it's an important step to gaining subscribers, is usually where gaming channels stop when it's time to grow their channel. That's the last step, the earlier steps are what people always forget, and Game Sense can help you do all those steps to grow your channel.

  • 1
    Get their interest

    Write a quality post that gets someone's attention about a game they want to know about.

  • 2
    Let them watch

    Once you have their interest, they'll watch your video.

  • 3
    Ask for the sub

    Once you've gotten their interest and they watched your video, ask them to subscribe if they enjoyed it.

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Avoid common mistakes and focus on what works

We've seen the vast majority of young gaming channels skip the first two steps and instead just ask for subscribers. This is like going into a boss battle without any preparation at all! You need a plan first! And Game Sense will help you make one and keep you focused on what's important.

Getting people's attention to watch your video is the most important step. Some of the best ways to get people's attention is to answer a question on how to do something, show off a build for a game, create a tutorial on how to do something, review a specific part of a game (like show off the graphics), talk about a popular game, etc.

Game Sense will give you all the tools you need via Game Sense Stats to let you know what's popular, what's working the best, and where you should be focusing.


How Game Sense Helps You Grow

Know What To Do With Tools

Knowing what types of videos to make about what video games is the key.

See what types of videos gamers are drawn to. See what games are popular and getting you views. Focusing on what works is one of the best ways to grow your channel.

The more you post, the more information you'll have about what's working and not. You also have access to global stats so you can see how everyone else is doing.

Get Gamers Interested

Get more people to watch your videos and turn them into subscribers

Game Sense can keep you on track and writing good posts that get reader's attention. Your posts will be organized like no other site can, so if a gamer wants to know about the game play of a specific game, they can find your post easily.

This is the most important step of growing your channel, and Game Sense will help you as much as we can.

Become A Guru!

Game Sense Guru posts are featured on our social media, for maximum exposure.

Spend less time building followers on other social media platforms and more time making videos. If Game Sense likes your videos and posts, we'll make you a Guru.

Game Sense has tens of thousands of followers on all the majory social networks, as well as smaller ones. Once you're a Game Sense Guru, your Game Sense post will be featured on all of them! Just post once to Game Sense and let us do the work of spreading your post!


Frequently Asked Questions

What games are allowed?

Most gaming sites believe in a very authoritarian approach to what games get covered. They'll decide what's important (probably because they're getting paid), and they'll force those games on gamers. Game Sense is an open platform, you're free to talk about what games you like, and we'll measure what's popular or not.

How does this work to gain subscribers?

We've been around for years, and we've seen a lot of talent come and go. This is what we've observed and learned from watching some channels make it and some not make it.

Why is all this free?

Game Sense wants to build a crowdsourced, alternative form of gaming media by gamers, for gamers, and we've noticed that gaming channels are filled with talented gamers who mostly have goals that align nearly perfectly with ours.

How long does it take?

No one can make you a celebrity overnight, unless you have a lot of money and connections. Game Sense will help you slowly and steadily grow as you figure out what's best for your gaming channel with the tools Game Sense provides you.

How do I become a Game Sense Guru?

We're looking at the quality of the video as well as the quality of the post. Becoming a Game Sense Guru will massively help your channel, so try and impress us and the Game Sense community with your writing to get us interested in watching your videos! Learn more about Game Sense Gurus.