Game Sense Advanced Scores

Gaming scores haven't changed much since gaming journalism started. Game Sense changes it all.


A Modern Scoring System

Living Scores

Video games are always updated, patched, and changed over time. Unlike traditional scores, Game Sense scores change over time based on gamer's reactions to how the game has changed.


The more ratings, posts, & votes something gets, the more confidence there is in a score. You'll see it shift from a "Maybe" to a "Definitely". The more input, the better the score.


See things like how the score has changed over time, and how specific parts of a game (game play, graphics, etc) affect a score.


How Game Sense Scores Work

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    The original poster rates how they feel their post affects the game they're posting to. If they're posting something bad, like bugs, glitches, bad game play, etc., it gets rated low. If they're posting something good, like fun game play, good graphics, etc, they rate it higher. The original poster gets a bonus for their rating and it has a larger effect than other gamer's votes.

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    Votes On Posts

    Anyone can rate each post based on how they feel that post represents the game.

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    Game Ratings

    You can rate video games, platforms, publishers, developers, and more on various attributes (like game play, graphics, etc).

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Modern Scores For Modern Games

Game Sense scores adapt to changes over time

Games and trends change, it's time scores did too.

We've all seen great video games turn bad, and bad games get fixed. But traditional scoring doesn't account for those types of changes.

Game Sense scores change over time, and you can see a history of how the scores have changed.

View details of a score

Game Sense is all about using data to determine scores.

You can view a breakdown of why a specific score has been given. See if a score is the way it is because of reviews, news, videos, etc.

You can break it down even further, based on game play, graphics, or even hype about a game (like previews).

Resistant to shilling

Trusted Game Sense Gamers have more control.

Game Sense depends on levels, where gamers gain more power to change scores based on how much they've participated.

Most shill and viral marketing accounts are new, so they have less influence over scores until they can prove themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions

What affects scores?

Scores are affected by ratings, post Post Topics, and votes. Every gamer who makes a rating, post, or vote has an effect that's weighted base on their Game Sense level.

Why do some scores seem really off?

Game Sense scores are calculated from what gamers have been saying and voting. Unlike traditional gaming scores, they're not just a made up number. And unlike more modern gaming scores, they're more than just a simple average of a few numbers. Scores take a bit of gamer activity to find where they belong. You can see how much input something has had by looking at the lower bar underneath the score.

Why do changes get smaller and smaller?

The more posts, ratings, and votes something gets, the more work it will take to change a score. But, the higher your level, the larger your effect is. Use your level to counter-act the slowing changes to scores.

How do scores work?

The top bar is the score itself, while the lower bar is the "Confidence" in that score. The more posts, ratings, and votes something gets, the higher the bar goes, and the more accurate the score becomes.