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How To Write A Game Review

Writing A Game Review

write gaming reviews on GameSense

Grow your skills as a game reviewer.

Writing GameSense Reviews

Ready to write video game reviews?

Wondering how to write a video game review? There are plenty of gaming review sites and you don’t know where to start? Start now with GameSense, with more influence on scores, ranking, and organization.

Gamers are skeptical of reviewers because of fake user reviews and paid “professional” reviews. Honesty from a professional is uncommon. Clarify that you’re an authority. Give gamers confidence by sharing precise details, tips and advice players rushing through the game missed. Games journalists have gotten so sloppy at their jobs, that they’ll beat games on easy or not even complete them before creating a review. Make them regret not playing the game, or playing it on easy by showing how much better you are positively.

The most important part of video game critique is playing and understanding the video game. It’s honestly not enough to breeze through it. Video games today often have an easy mode that doesn’t need comprehending core video game mechanics. Missing these key mechanics can skew someone’s perception of a video game. It’s your job as a video game reviewer to give someone an honest opinion on how you expect them to play the game.

You’d want to take notes as you play the game. GameSense reviews are more forgiving. Write small, yet detailed video game reviews. You don’t have to create a full review covering the entire game. You can write one review covering specific things l gameplay, graphics, etc.

Some examples of quality reviews written for GameSense include examples of a remastered game falling off towards the end, poor localization, poor game design choices, plot holes, and more. Writing video game reviews on GameSense only needs to cover different instances. You’re free to write entire reviews for the whole game, but you don’t have to.

Becoming a great video game reviewer is about balance. If you’re an expert at a game, it’s easy-to-use terms people don’t understand or be vague. Never make assumptions the reader knows beyond them not knowing anything about the video game. Be careful not to get carried away when writing a video game review. You should focus on the best and worst parts. There is no need to give a play by play.

Traditional video game reviews need you to at least mention aspects of a game you don’t care about. If music isn’t a priority, you’d still have to include something regaring the music. Since writing reviews on GameSense is different, you only have to discuss about what you love or hate about a video game.

When you write your video game review, be sure to include at least one example of what you like or dislike. A fine review example is if you aren’t happy with the graphics, give several examples of where the graphics have problems and why you don’t like them.

Writing Your First Reviews

Video Game Review Examples And Inspiration

These examples of game reviews provided below are a great place to get started writing video game reviews. The largest hurdle is if you don't know how to write a review because you don't know where to start. Traditional video game reviews would need to take all of the following into account for a single review. GameSense reviews can focus on only one of the suggestions below. Or, when writing your video game review, you can come up with your own idea.

Write A Brief Synopsis. Tell gamers what a video game is by explaining the format. Explain whether it's a fighting game, racing, shooting, puzzle, and whatever makes this video game stand out from other games. Be sure to touch on the story, if applicable. If the game is good, you want to write enough to get others interested in playing the game. If it's bad, you want to explain very clearly what makes it so, without spoiling it. Just because you don't like the game, doesn't everyone dislikes it.

Explain The Gameplay. There are a lot of things that can go wrong (or right) with gameplay. You can always explain how gameplay works. How is the battle system? What's the point of actually playing the game? Mention some of your favorite or least favorite parts of a game. There are so many topics here, you can write a ton of reviews. Gameplay is usually the core of a video game and includes things like controls, jumping, walking, shooting, attacking, defending, hiding, etc.

Write About Difficulty. Explain what parts of a video game were too easy, too difficult, or just right. Give examples of easy or difficult parts of the game. Be sure to include enough context so someone who knows nothing about the game can understand what's happening.

Rate The Graphics. How visually appealing is the game? Give some examples and add some pictures of things that look great or things that look horrible. Did you notice any glitches or visual problems in the game? Discuss any graphical effects that can add or detract from the game.

The Length Of The Game. Another great review example is to talk about the length of the game. Was it long enough? Was it worth the money considering the length? Was the game padded to make it longer? Some games can be short and great, others long and boring. Explain why the length of the game fits. Short games aren't always bad.

Replay Value. Would you enjoy playing through the game again? Are there any reasons you'd want to? Like "New Game Plus", different storylines, etc. Explain why you'd want to play the game again or why you are content after beating it once. Or maybe you never even felt compelled to finish it. You could explain why you didn't want to finish it.

Navigation And Exploration. Did you find yourself getting lost when you weren't supposed to? Were you left without a clue on what to do next? Give some examples of when this happened. Maybe it's an open world game, did it make exploration fun and interesting?

Sound Effects, Music, And Voices. Does the sound seem real? Is the music out of place? Is the video game music just flat out bad? Is it good enough to listen to when you're not playing? Is the voice acting, if it exists, good? Audio can be an extremely important part of a video game. Who likes shooting a gun in a game when it doesn't sound rewarding? No one likes to explore an area in a game while horrible music blasts in the background. Give some examples, you can add YouTube videos of the music, sounds, or voice acting to your review to highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Talk About The Story. Stories have become increasingly popular and central to video games. Some of which are notoriously bad, and some of which are good. Characters affect the story just as much as the actual plot. Focusing on both when writing a game review about the story is important! Were you engaged through the whole story? Did it fall off? Were there parts you really disliked or loved? Be sure to mention how important the story is to the game, if it even has a story.

Censorship And Localization. Gamers are growing increasingly aware of censorship and localization changes made to video games when adapted to other markets. Telling other gamers about these changes and how they negatively impact the game is a great post topic. Provide video or picture evidence to support your claims.

These are just a few game review examples. This should provide you enough inspiration to get started. Once you start, it'll start coming more naturally. GameSense reviews only need to focus on one or two subjects. They can be short in length, too. Writing video game reviews on GameSense is a great way to get started and get the feel for being a game reviewer before having to write complex, long gaming reviews.

Places To Go

Where To Post Game Reviews?

One of the biggest questions is where to post game reviews. GameSense offers a unique and powerful scoring system, with comments, voting, and ratings. Your video game reviews can be voted on by other gamers, which changes scores of games. They can also comment on your post and you can talk to them.

Writing at GameSense is easy, since you only need to focus on specific parts of a game, besides writing an entire review. It's perfect whether you want to write long, in depth reviews, or you just want to write quick thoughts down about your reviews.

To make a post, head over to the GameSense dashboard. Search for the game you'd like to post about, then start writing. You can save a draft and keep working o your posts, or post right away. We recommend saving a draft and working on it over time, but you can always go back and edit your review later.

Once established on GameSense, you can apply to become a GameSense Guru. Your posts will be featured on GameSense official social media, which includes around 20,000 followers on several different accounts. Once you're a GameSense Guru, your posts are promoted automatically, for free.

You can talk about any games you want! It's all up to you, but as you start to get the feel for writing video game reviews, we recommend you start with games you have a lot of experience with. Think of your favorite games and write about why it's your favorite. From there, you will grow as a writer and can start reviewing other games.

We hope these video game review examples and our guide to writing video game reviews can help you get started. Join now and start practicing and getting better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Anyone, including you, can join. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced game blogger or journalist sharing opinions you normally can't. Or if you want to get started writing reviews. We have a merit based system that lets anyone progress in rankings and power, rewarding quality writing and videos.

What games are allowed?

Any video games that gamers would like. Gamers have people telling them to play bad video games. Bring the best video games to gamers. It's fine if they're older games, brand new games, AAA games, indie games, or whatever. Use your power to show gamers some really good video games. Adult games are allowed, but you can't post adult content. Please keep your adult and hentai game posts PG-13.

Are you looking for official reviewers or mods?

We will be in due time. We will be looking for gamers who are active on GameSense and understand what we're trying to accomplish. Help us grow and we might hire you to write for us as a premium user.

What are the expectations?

Knowing a lot about video games and focusing only on video games. We care about the video games, join us in building an alternative that's powered by gamers who love video games. GameSense is designed to reward you the most if you make quality posts, become a Video GameSense Guru, and help share what you've posted on your own social media.

Can I post my own website/gaming channel/game/etc?

Absolutely. Having your channel, website, or game on Game Sense is what we made it for. Building a place for gamers to share their knowledge and skills includes showing off. We've worked hard to give you what you need to help grow your channel, website, or game with us. We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve and new features we can create, so don't be afraid to talk to us!

Do I have to complete games to post about them?

No. It doesn't take playing the entire game to learn what you need to know to make a Mini-Review. It just takes a little bit to know if the gameplay, graphics, controls, music, etc are good or bad. You don't even have to have played a game to post links to trailers, news, and more.

What standards for posting are you looking for?

We understand gamers are competitive. We also understand gamers are people who want to keep getting better, and learning how to improve, whether it's a video game or real life. We appreciate you putting in effort to make your posts as good as possible. But, if you're not an expert writer, that's perfectly fine. We give you the tools you need to see if different strategies give you better or worse results. They've have access to valuable tools we're developing to help them grow their channels, blogs, or whatever.

How much of my posts do I own?

You maintain rights to your posts, you can re-use them where you like. We do ask, however, that you give credit to your original post on GameSense. We want to build an awesome alternative to game media with you and we need your help too!