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Take Control Of Your Backlog

Finding better games and enjoying them starts with being able to keep track of good games.


Game Sense is here to give you the power to take control of your games, instead of having some elitist journalist shove bad games in your face.


Manage Your Backlog

Filter Posts

Get the information you want about the games you want. Choose games you've played, or games you want to play.

Quick Edit

Add or remove video games to your backlog whenever you're viewing a post or see the game anywhere.


See when games you want to play are released on the platforms you care about. Cut the noise and get to your games.


What You Can Drag And Drop

If you're on a desktop computer, or tablet, you can drag and drop any games to the bottom toolbar. On any device, you can click the backlog button when viewing a game and add (or remove) a video game from your backlog.

These are just examples, start browsing posts and games to do it for real.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Start?

Simply join Game Sense! Once you join, you can manage your backlog, write reviews, post news and videos, create lists of games, and more.

How Do I Add Games?

Anywhere you see a game's art and score, or the game's name as a link, you can drag and drop it. A nifty toolbar will show up, and you can just drop your selected game where you want it on your backlog.

Where Do I Filter Releases And Posts?

Check out the main menu, or the front page, where you can view posts and releases based on your backlog.

How Does This Help Me Find Good Games?

Traditional gaming sites either comb your personal information and makes recommendations, or they just get paid to shove games in your face. Game Sense lets you choose what games you want to know more about by just dragging and dropping them.

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Game Sense is free to join and open to anyone.

  • 2
    Find Games You Like On Game Sense

    Search around Game Sense to find video games you've played or want to play.

  • 3
    Drag And Drop

    Take game names and game box art and drag it to your backlog as "Playing", "Following", "Dropped" or "Completed".

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