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Game Sense is more than a user review site. We take your news, video, and mini-reviews and turn them into scores, rankings, and more. Compete to be the top gamer on Game Sense.

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Questions or comments before joining? Reach out to Aaron, the lead developer.

What's Game Sense?

Our unique posts focus on one specific part of a game, like gameplay, graphics, etc. Just place your post into a Post Topic; and talk about something you really like or dislike about the gameplay, graphics, audio, writing, and more.

We want to build an awesome alternative to user review sites and traditional video game media, and we need your help. Posting, rating, and voting on your favorite games can help gamers from across the world find awesome video games they've missed while avoiding bad ones that are being pushed on them by sites with big marketing budgets who put money before gamers.

I Don't Like To Write Reviews.

Even if you don't like to write, there's still a lot of ways you can help rank and organize video games. You can rate games based on various parts of the game (like the game play, graphics, etc) or vote on posts, and both will change scores without having to write anything.

You can also manage your backlog of video games, manage your gaming platforms, see upcoming and recent releases based on games on your backlog or video game platforms and consoles, and more.

What Posts Are You Looking For?

You can write multiple reviews focused on specific parts of a game (game play, graphics, controls, bugs, etc), post videos, links to news stories; or write your own news, reviews, guides/how tos/tutorials, leaks, and free posts.

What Games Can I Post About?

You can post about any games you like. Most gaming websites pay people to talk about specific video games.

At Game Sense, you can post about any games you like, even adult games. Our only request is if you are posting about Adult games that you make your posts as safe for work as possible.

Can I Post My Own Channel Or Website?

Absolutely yes! We are looking for gamers who love video games, and want to share their knowledge with the world. If you're dedicated enough to make a video game website or gaming channel, to us it means you love video games.

Enthusiasm about video games is what we're looking for!

How Do I Start?

Once you join, you'll be brought to the Dashboard, where you can post about games, rate them, manage your backlog, create top lists of games, manage your profile, and more. Even if you don't like writing reviews, you can post news or rate games to change their scores. All scores are used to rank games in various ways, so your posts and votes matter for more than just the score.

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