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GameSense is an independent video game website powered by gamers. Unlike other gaming sites, we don't make deals that affect content. There are no contracts or power tripping mods that stop you from sharing your honest opinions. It's built (and constantly developed) by gamers who want to make cool things for other gamers. Reviewers, video creators, and video game news fans are all needed to post! Help us build an alternative gaming site by gamers, for gamers. Post for fun, promote your gaming channel, and more! It's free to start and you're welcomed to cover any games you want as much as you want.


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Do you like to write about video games? We're looking for dedicated, hardcore gamers who love video games and want to share their knowledge of games with others.

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We have an extremely generous self-promotion policy. Just be transparent and let everyone know you're posting videos or articles from your own place.

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Even if you don't like posting, you can rate video games and vote on other posts to affect scores. Game Sense is about giving as many gamers as possible a voice, even if they don't like to write or make videos.

Because we're independent, we want you to post things that break out of the echo chamber and really get gamers talking and thinking.

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The more quality content and the more you get involved, the higher your level. The higher your level, the bigger changes your posts, ratings, and votes make to scores.

We've Built Game Sense To Help Gamers

Game Sense is our vision for what you need to get the most out of video games.


Post reviews, videos, news, & more about any games you want. GameSense is an open platform that lets you freely share your opinions.


Rate video games based on game play, graphics, & more. Your ratings affect scores just like reviews do.


Use the GameSense Backlog to keep track of games you want, and get custom post feeds based on your games or gaming platforms.


Create Video Game lists of your favorite games, least favorite, or whatever. It's all up to you!

More is coming! And if you join, you could be behind one of the new features! Community favorite gamers can become Game Sense Gurus. Their posts will be featured on Game Sense social media, reaching tons of gamers. It's an easy way to promote your self, gaming channel, and more!

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