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Our unique posts focus on one specific part of a game, like gameplay, graphics, etc. Just place your post into a Post Topic; and talk about something you really like or dislike about the gameplay, graphics, audio, writing, and more.

We want to build an awesome alternative to user review sites and traditional video game media, and we need your help. Posting, rating, and voting on your favorite games can help gamers from across the world find awesome video games they've missed while avoiding bad ones that are being pushed on them by sites with big marketing budgets who put money before gamers.

What Can I Post About?

You can post about any games you want, whether they be new or old, obscure games, popular games, etc. We give you the power to determine what games are popular and liked based on your posts. We do not get paid to promote games or tell you what you should buy, unlike other sites. We are about letting you, the gamer, make the headlines and trends with your posts.

Post videos from your own channel, review your favorite games, you can even post news and reviews from your own gaming site. We believe the most important thing about posting on Game Sense is having skilled, knowledgeable gamers writing the posts.

What Are Mini-Reviews?

We're not looking for complete reviews. We're looking for mini-reviews that focus on specific parts of a game that you like or dislike. We're also looking for videos that show off a game. We want more than reviews, we want gameplay, let's plays, previews, trailers, soundtracks, glitches, and more.

All your posts on Game Sense go into a category, which helps determine the score. Make a post in a category, and the score will go down. Post in a category, and the score will go up. How much it changes depends on your level and the Post Topic.

Posts focus on individual aspects of a game, instead of a long, drawn out reviews. It lets gamers vote on different parts of video games to determine the best and worst parts. These posts, instead of traditional reviews, makes it a lot easier to figure out if a game is good or not, because there's a lot less redundancy.

Can I Post My Own Stuff?

Yes. We love smaller gaming channels. We believe there are a lot of growing, awesome gamers out there with cool channels. We want to help you promote your channel and be a part of building an alternative that adds value to your posts that becomes a key component of rating and scoring video games, even if your videos aren't reviews.

You don't have to have videos of reviews, we're looking for gameplay, Let's Plays, analysis, and more. If you just want to post videos of how good you are at a game, that's good too!

How Do I Start?

Once you join, you'll be brought to the Dashboard, where you can post about games, rate them, manage your backlog, create top lists of games, manage your profile, and more. Even if you don't like writing reviews, you can post news or rate games to change their scores. All scores are used to rank games in various ways, so your posts and votes matter for more than just the score.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a place where talented gamers can freely express themselves. Where developers can bring their games to gamers, when they otherwise couldn't. To bring you the most honest, fair, and trustworthy reviews, news, and videos. And to give you tools to manage and find games you normally wouldn't find from traditional gaming media.

We believe that there's a ton of untapped talent with smaller gaming channels. We want to get smaller channels working together to create a serious competitor. Game Sense will work to help you promote your channel and reach more gamers, while you can be a part of a new alternative for gamers, by gamers. Together, we can do it.

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Promote Your Channel

Your videos become a valuable resource that helps score and rank video games, even if your video isn't a review. We take your gameplay, game clips, reviews, and other videos and help give them a lot of value to gamers looking for information about video games.

You can link your YouTube or Twitch channel and quickly post videos from your channel. We'll post your videos on social media for you and add subscribe buttons to all your video posts for your channel.

Share Quality Alternatives

Post alternative, smaller media sites that haven't sold out yet to help the grow with us. Build a place where gamers can come and get a news feed custom tailored to their platforms or backlog from quality, ethical sites.

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