Best Video Game Soundtracks - blazen's List

The soundtrack of video games is known as video game music. Simple sounds from early programmable sound generator (PSG) chips were originally all that was available for video game soundtrack. These constraints gave rise to the chiptune music genre, which quickly became the most popular sound in early computer games.

Video game music has evolved to integrate elements and sounds from various musical forms as technology has advanced. Game music now contains complete orchestral pieces and popular music, in addition to chiptune works (having originated during the height of the disco era, styles from which atavistic sounds can be compared). Music may be heard in video games on the title screen, menus, and during gameplay. Game soundtracks can also alter in response to a player's actions or circumstances, such as signaling missing actions in rhythm games, notifying the player that they are in danger, or rewarding them for specific successes.

There are two types of video game music: original and licensed. Teams of composers, music directors, and music supervisors must collaborate with game developers and publishers to produce or gather this music. The popularity of video game music has resulted in increased educational and employment options, as well as the commercial sale and performance of video game soundtracks at concerts.

This is some of the best video game music you could ever ask for!

Chrono Cross game Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross's video game soundtrack expanded on the original Chrono Trigger sound track by being able to use CD audio instead of the SNES's chip tunes. While some tracks weren't as popular with gamers, Chrono Cross's sound track had some truly beautiful songs.

Chrono Trigger game Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger, to this day, still has an amazing sound track that has been remastered and remixed countless times. There are symphonic versions as well as original chiptune ones. While my favorite tracks from the Chrono Cross sound track are mostly sad and emotional, Chrono Trigger's more upbeat music is some of my favorite video game music of all time.

Earthbound game Earthbound

Earthbound has been a cult classic, it was one of the first popular JRPGs to not take itself very seriously. Earthbound resulted in a fun, comical, whimsical adventure that JRPGs of the time often didn't have because they were too busy trying to be serious. Earthbound has amazing music to back up the quirky story and great humor, though I feel the game hasn't aged very well.No doubt you are very familiar with the sound track, even if you've never played the original Earthbound before. Earthbound's video game soundtrack is all over Super Smash Bros games.

Mega Man X game Mega Man X

Mega Man X pushed the SNES's video game sound chip to the limit with completely rocking 16-bit bliss.

Nier: Automata game Nier: Automata

Neir Automata's OST is absolutely amazing. And the ultimate cherry on top is how a lot of tracks come with chip tune remixes from the hacking mini-game. This list is obviously pretty biased towards beautiful, slow, emotional music as that's my favorite type, but the sound track for Neir Automata is my favorite to come out of a recent game.

F-Zero game F-Zero

F-Zero had some really thumping and hardcore music, Fire Field is definitely my favorite one.

Final Fantasy VIII game Final Fantasy VIII

SquareSoft made some of the best video game soundtracks of all time, and Final Fantasy 7 is no exception.  The OST had all sorts of different types of moods and styles.

Undertale game Undertale

Maybe I'm a poser for never playing Undertale, but I still love this video game sound track and it's always pretty enjoyable to listen to. Megalovania is by far my favorite track from the whole OST.

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars game Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

I actually really dislike this sound track but I feel like if I don't put this in the list somewhere people are going to be really mad at me. It just sounds so cheesy, it's not terrible, but it's definitely not my style.

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