Legend Of Zelda Clones

A list of games that are copies of The Legend of Zelda. After the success of The Legend of Zelda, other developers rushed to recreate what Nintendo did.

Most of these are pretty bad. And while Sega didn't make most of these, they were on the system.

A Sega Saturn game, which means cut scenes and videos. Unlike Shining Wisdom which started with a CG FMV, this one starts with an anime style one. Magic Knight Rayearth is basically an anime Legend of Zelda clone.

Definitely designed for fans of anime, you'll start off in Tokyo Tower, in real Tokyo.Characters have a major anime look.

You'll play as anime girls, teleported to a new, strange world. Absolutely anime here, entering an isekai.

I guess if you're looking for a game similar to Legend of Zelda and you wish it had anime, this is it.

This is quite a weird clone of Zelda. Similar to Link's Awakening, but a bit different. You can jump and crouch, which is kind of an odd addition.

A lot of effort was put into animations and voices. When attacking, you'll switch between kicks, using your sword, and punching. Animations are fluid. It's clear Beyond Oasis was meant to be a Zelda clone, but it tried to stand out by adding more movement options, more attack options, and smoother animations.

It's typical of Zelda clones to try and imitate Zelda, but to do something to stand out. Shining Wisdom came out on the Sega Saturn, which had a CD. Of course, that meant a Zelda clone with full motion, pre-rendered videos. Shining Wisdom starts out slow, with lots of cut scenes. None of them are voiced, so it's a little odd.

It's nice, it starts out with not actually handing you a sword. Though it has some odd mechanics, starting you out with running into grandpa and knocking him over.

Otherwise, it's quite similar, with overhead scrolling and very similar game play to SNES era Zelda games.

This one was much more like Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. You'll see the similarities as soon as you get in the game. You start out in a house that looks just like something from A Link To The Past. Of course, like with most Zelda clones, you'll start the game by someone just giving you a sword.

Centy is not a terrible game, it's made by Atlus.

You'll notice a lot of similarities, specially like cutting down grass.

This was much closer to the first release of The Legend of Zelda. It's one of, if not the first, Zelda clone to come out on a Sega system.

It starts with a rip off of the classic "it's dangerous to go alone, take this" from The Legend of Zelda with an older woman telling you it's dangerous to travel without a sword and boots, and she gives them to you.

This one isn't too bad of a clone of Zelda. It has some similarities but it's definitely not the biggest clone on this list.

You can see how they tried to one up Zelda by giving this a semi-cinematic scene.

The game play is more like Zelda 2 at the start of the game, but it goes back to the classic overhead view that Zelda made popular.

One big surprise though, is how it doesn't have the typical pause and scroll between screens when entering new areas. It can smooth scroll with your character.

Golden Axe Warrior is one of the biggest knockoffs of The Legend of Zelda. Released in 1991 on the Sega Master System. The game looks very similar to The Legend of Zelda from the start. It has scrolling over world areas just like the original Legend of Zelda. You have a basic sword attack, blank overworld map, and just a few enemies on screen.

Attacks are a basic stab just like a Link does. You even start with 3 hearts.

Some of the enemies are extremely similar, there's swimming fish merman who shoot projectiles at you.

You'll spend your time looking for dungeons.

Everything here looks very similar to The Legend of Zelda. Overall it's not a bad game, but it's definitely a clone of The Legend of Zelda.

A spinoff of the Golden Axe franchise for the Game Gear. It's much more like Zelda 2 than the original Legend of Zelda. You have a smooth scrolling world map, and when you encounter an enemy you enter a battle screen, where you have a side battle.

Some dungeons have you entering a side scrolling level. It's definitely similar to Zelda 2, not so much the original.

Best described as a cross between Super Mario RPG and Zelda. It has an isometric view, but it did come out before Super Mario RPG.

Sylvan Tale is very similar to the SNES game Lagoon. Another overhead scrolling game where you have a sword. You're on a quest to save a magical tree.

You can see some Link's Awakening influence here, but it's on more powerful hardware and looks pretty nice.

Both Oceanhorn games are modern, indie games with very obvious inspiration to The Legend of Zelda games. More specifically, both Wind Waker and A Link To The Past. You're off on an adventure to find your father and defeat the living fortress.

You'll explore the seas, just like in Wind Waker. There's very Zelda-like dungeons with keys, chests, and various puzzles to solve. Each dungeon has its own unique reward which lets you explore more of the game.

Exploring seas leads you to different islands, with different dungeons on them.

Four heart pieces give you an extra unit of health, just like in Zelda. 

It originally started as a mobile game, but it was ported to several other consoles. 

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