Top Original Playsation RPG Games

If you ever owned an original Playstation, you know the console was filled with amazing Role Playing Games (RPGs). There's just something really awesome about Playstation RPGs, they captured my imagination and really got me enjoying the game world. Even though the original Playstation had those wobbly 3d models and texture warping, the games, specially the RPGs, were a ton of fun and some of the best in history. They are definitely the best ones in the 32-bit video game era.

There was a massive Japanese Role Playing Game presence on Playstation. Nintendo had most of the jRPGs in the 16-bit era, but because of bad business decisions, major developers like SquareSoft (before Square and Enix merged) shifted away from Nintendo and toward Playstation and Sony.

And the result was a ton of amazing RPGs on the Playstation console. This is a huge list, with the best of the best. I suggest you take a look around and see which series you like the most and what looks the best. There are some video games here that have a lot of entries because several games from the same series came out on the Playstation.

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