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The Best Hack And Slash Video Games - jiggy's List

Trying to pinpoint some of the top games under the hack & slash genre is similar to trying to discover an accurate definition for it. It's a difficult undertaking that necessitates a lot of thought, contemplation, and a bit of luck that what you're thinking matches the majority definition. After much thought and discussion, we've come to the conclusion that the best hack & slash games have just one genuine definition: swords and other pointy items.

Okay, we know it's not that straightforward, especially because most recent hack & slash games incorporate other genres. The games in the following list define the genre at its most fundamental level. You'll grasp what makes a fantastic hack and slash title when you pick them up and start playing them, despite the fact that they're very different in many respects.

"Hack 'n slash" is a word as old as gaming itself. Its origins may be traced all the way back to the first tabletop role-playing games — in Dungeons & Dragons, hack ‘n slash referred to a campaign focused solely on violence and fighting, with no specific purpose in mind. Since then, the phrase has been synonymous with uncensored, nonstop action.

Hack 'n slash games have evolved from pen and paper RPGs to PCs and consoles, becoming one of the most popular genres in gaming history. The title of best action-slasher is contested by many games. However, as amusing as this genre is, the titles it produces are quite generic, and the most of them do not distinguish out among their peers. However, certain games have succeeded to wow critics and players alike with their gameplay and presentation, breaking the trend and even reaching a wider audience.

Devil May Cry game

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is an action-adventure hack-and-slash video game series created by Hideki Kamiya and developed and published by Capcom. The series follows Dante, a demon hunter, as he attempts to stop several demon invasions of Earth. Its gameplay comprises of battle scenarios in which the player must...

Bayonetta game


Hideki Kamiya, who created the Devil May Cry franchise while working for Capcom, directed the first game in the series. Platinum's four-game contract with Sega included this title as the third installment. The game was first launched in Japan on October 29, 2009, and then globally in January 2010 for...

Diablo 2 game

Diablo 2

Diablo II is a dark, fantasy-themed action role-playing game in the hack-and-slash or "dungeon roaming" style, and is the sequel to the popular Diablo. After the Stress Test in the spring of 2000, Blizzard Entertainment launched it in the summer of 2000 for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Blizzard...

Devil May Cry 4 game

Devil May Cry 4

Over the top action!

Ninja Gaiden II game

Ninja Gaiden II

As a matter of fact, Ninja Gaiden II is one of the top rated action games on the Xbox 360. The depth of battle is as thrilling as ever, and the gameplay changes and improvements that were made only make the game even more entertaining. Even if the first game included annoying camera angles, the formula...

Diablo game
Darksiders II game

Darksiders II

I like how the entire game is boosted by its wonderful and eye-catching art design, though: the art is interesting, detailed, and appealing to the eye. During their walk around the fantasy-tinged landscapes, the characters once again look like the world's most collectable action figures, while the new...

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