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Sega Dreamcast was Sega's last major console release, and it's an extremely bittersweet console for a lot of gamers. It also managed to have some of the best Sega games to ever come out. The Dreamcast had a lot of problems that lead to its failure, but one of the major reasons was how easy it was to pirate games. Because of a feature in the Dreamcast, meant for Karaoke, the Dreamcast could read CD-Rs, even if you burned Dreamcast images to a CD-R. It would play the game.

And this was a huge problem for Dreamcast. Even though it used GDs instead of CDs, GDs were basically just CDs that had some extra capacity.

But, lets celebrate the Sega Dreamcast by looking at some of the best Sega Dreamcast games to come out on the console. These are mostly exclusives, though not all of them may be. There were some very good games that came out on Dreamcast, like Unreal Tournament and some sports games, but they came out on other systems and they don't really represent what made the Dreamcast so much fun and such an awesome system.

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