The 13 Worst SNES Games

Super Nintendo had some really horrible games, and these are some of my least favorite ones. They are all video games with some serious problems, and really stand out. People are always making lists of the best SNES games, and there's a lot of them covering all sorts of video game genres. But rarely do people search for some of the worst ones out there.

These games all have some serious flaws to them. They are generally meant to be taken seriously and to be successful games. But there's usually some massive issues with how they perform, music, and controls.

Race Drivin really stands out. SNES was when video games started to move to 3D with games like Star Fox. These games originally used an additional chip to handle the 3d graphics. Race Drivin didn't use that special chip, causing the game to run absolutely horribly.

Most of the other games here just have absolutely horrible controls, graphics, and audio. Some seem like they'd have a lot of potential to be great video games, but they're not.

What do you think of my list of horrible video games for the SNES? Let me know in the comments below!

The SNES version is far worse, the other versions aren't that bad.
They tried to make a 3D game without the SuperFX chip
Learn about diabetes in this horrible side scrolling game.
A digital slideshow with absolutely horrible frame rate.
Controls are laughably bad.
A lot of disjointed mini-games and broken flying.
An absolutely horrible attempt at bringing 3D to SNES. Horrible music and SFX too.
A cool concept that's completely broken, bad controls, bad passing.
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