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Favourite Platform Games (0)

A list of my favourite platform video games, across any console.

Favorites (+1)

Some of my favorite games of all time

E3 2018 Games (+2)

A list of all games announced or mentioned at E3 2018. This list of video games includes all games from all platforms and all conferences from E3. Please let us know if we've missed any.This list is not in any particular order. Please feel free to rate and post videos and news about these games so we can have an authentic, gamer powered analysis of the video games of E3 2018.We are looking for gamers to post about these games, including things like trailer analysis. Please feel free to help us...

Official Best Of The Dreamcast List - Best Video Games (+1)

Sega Dreamcast was Sega's last major console release, and it's an extremely bittersweet console for a lot of gamers. It also managed to have some of the best Sega games to ever come out. The Dreamcast had a lot of problems that lead to its failure, but one of the major reasons was how easy it was to pirate games. Because of a feature in the Dreamcast, meant for Karaoke, the Dreamcast could read CD-Rs, even if you burned Dreamcast images to a CD-R. It would play the game. And this was a huge problem...

Best Original Playstation 1 Strategy Games (+1)

Sony's original Playstation may have been mostly home to great RPGs, but there were also some awesome Strategy games on Playstation too. This is a list of my favorite Strategy games on the Playstation.

Top Original Playsation RPG Games (+1)

If you ever owned an original Playstation, you know the console was filled with amazing Role Playing Games (RPGs). There's just something really awesome about Playstation RPGs, they captured my imagination and really got me enjoying the game world. Even though the original Playstation had those wobbly 3d models and texture warping, the games, specially the RPGs, were a ton of fun and some of the best in history. They are definitely the best ones in the 32-bit video game era. There was a massive...

Top 10 Favourites (+1)

My top 10 games, updated somewhat regularly.

Greatest Games Of All Time (according to me) (0)

Each of these games I have completed and are games i consider essential to play through at least once in your lifetime.

Top Games Of 2017 (+2)

Our Personal List of the Top Games of 2017

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A list of top games from 2017 generated from your activity on Game Sense