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Dreamcast video game

Game Selection: Arcade Games


The Dreamcast, apart from the Saturn, is probably the best console when it comes to arcade games. If one wants quick. fun and addictive gameplay one should look no further. The ports are excellent 1:1 (Or close enough) renditions of their arcade counterparts. Titles like Hydro Thunder, Virtua Cop 2, Virtua Striker 2, Power Stone, and House of the Dead 2 are just some titles in the Dreamcast's amazing selection of arcade games.

anon's Avatar anon August 4th, 2016
Dreamcast platform


The Dreamcast, SEGA's final attempt to salvage their poor performance in the previous console gen. The Dreamcast was revolutionary back in the day being the first console to offer online capabilties yet SEGA mismanaged this console as well, bringing its discontinuation in 2001, barely 3 years after its...

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