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April's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed, the leaks were correct

Posted By on April 1st, 2020
As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to affect day-to-day lives across the world, an awful lot of people are looking to help ease the situation in any way they possibly can. It’s this spirit that has seen a huge number of developers, authors and publishers unite for the Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle of video games and more. It’s a vast bundle, including 44 games for PC, and a further mish-mash of 22 books, comics, with an RPG setting, a documentary and even EDM music making software thrown in alongside! Unusually for a Humble Bundle, and emphasising the severity of the world’s situation right now, there’s no unlock tiers. You can donate whatever you want, but you must pay £25.50 in order to unlock the contents of the bundle. 100% of the proceeds will go to a mixture of Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, and Partners In Health, and you can decide how you wish to weight that, if not the standard 25% for each. All of these charities are focussed on international aid, to help with what is a global pandemic. This special one-week bundle features $1,071 worth of games and ebooks for just £25.50. 100% of the proceeds from your bundle purchase go to support organizations responding to COVID-19. For example, delivering protective gear to safeguard healthcare workers and providing medical care to infected patients. Here’s the full list: Games Into The Breach UNDERTALE Hollow Knight Wizard of Legend Totally Accurate Battle Simulator The Witness SUPERHOT Tilt Brush LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham Killing Floor 2 Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Darksiders Warmastered Edition Sniper Elite 3 This Is the Police The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Stick Fight: The Game Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons Party Hard Worms Revolution Europa Universalis IV Tropico 4 GNOG Broken Age Brütal Legend Psychonauts Double Fine Adventure (documentary) PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 Pikuniku World of Goo Super Hexagon VVVVVV Hacknet A Mortician’s Tale A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build Magicka Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Agents of Mayhem DUCATI – 90th Anniversary Speed Brawl HIVESWAP: Act 1 Alien Spidy Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones LostWinds Zombotron Books, audiobooks, comics, etc. Starfinder: Pact Worlds Campaign Setting (RPG) The Art of Captivating Conversation How to Be Confident, Charismatic, and Likable in Any Situation Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome To Lovecraft Journeys Through Time and Space Coping Skills Mood Elevator (and audiobook) Prisoners of Our Thoughts (and audiobook) FAIRY TAIL: Happy’s Adventure, Volume 1 Army of Darkness One-Shot (Humble Bundle Exclusive) Red Sonja: Petitioning the Queen (Humble Bundle Exclusive) The Boys Vol. 1: The Name of the Game Oblivion Song Vol. 1 Saga Vol. 1 Spawn Origins Vol. 01 Undiscovered Country Issue 1 Criminal Vol. 1 Nowhere Men Vol. 1 Mindfulness for Kids Automate the Boring Stuff with Python 2nd Edition Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass Crosswords of Wisdom Vol. 1 and 2 Crosswords of Wisdom Vol. 2 Animal Kind Music Maker EDM Edition – includes $10 voucher for in-app purchase Source: Humble Bundle
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