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Xbox Scorpio’s DirectX 12 Enhancements and Benefits Explained By Microsoft

It’s a massive win for us and for the developers who’ve adopted D3D12 on Xbox, they’ve told us they’ve been able to cut their
2017-04-06 14:07:56 by mugen in Xbox One

Project Scorpio Will Run All Xbox One Games Better; All Improved Scorpio Modes Available with a 1080p TV

Microsoft has also made a commitment — a commitment the PS4 Pro did not make — that all improved Scorpio modes for the games must be
2017-04-06 11:05:02 by mugen in Xbox One

Xbox One Project Scorpio Hardware Specs Detailed

Microsoft has revealed (via Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry) the hardware specifications for their upgraded Xbox One, still codenamed Project
2017-04-06 09:49:28 by mugen in Xbox One

Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in the US for the Second Straight Month

PlayStation 4 topped the US hardware charts for eight consecutive months, but that streak was broken when both Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS outsold
2016-09-10 14:47:30 by funkymonkey in Xbox One

Xbox One Sale for $299

Looks like Microsoft is getting aggressive with their loss to Sony's PlayStation 4 by having a quick fire-sale of Xbox One units. Microsoft shipped
2016-03-20 11:35:36 by kokuro in Xbox One

Xbox One February System Software Update Now Available for Preview Members; Full Patch Notes Inside

Coming to a majority of the Xbox One Preview audience today and Windows PC & Xbox Beta app members later this month are a host of features.
2016-01-19 21:01:20 by line in Xbox One

Broken Xbox One disc drive

When the disc drive breaks, it can make a cool wookie sound.
0000-00-00 00:00:00 by line in Xbox One

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