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About CryMorGaming

Biased & Honest Video Game Critics! Hi! We are CryMor: Critics, Reviewers, & Streamers! Let Real Gamers help you choose: Pick up that game now? Or, refund it!We are your Digital Connoisseurs, and our only goal is to help you decide if you should spend your money or not! Catch a new review every weekday!

Ethical Dislosures

Our Editorial Trust Policy: If we decide to make a video on a game, the video will be clearly labeled as having received the key for free. If we find that the game does not meet our standards on quality or is not a fit for our audience, we may choose not to create a video at all. We reserve the right for our hosts and writers to have opinion, and offer no right to alter or review our work. Developers are allowed no special rights to a positive review or space on our editorial calendar.

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