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Score Trends: Blue Protocol -57.12Trip World +17.2Nintendogs +16.81Daytona USA +16.42Lies of P -15.75Wild Hearts -13.32RATATAN +11.73Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III -11.73NBA 2K24 -11.6Project mugen +11.34Kirbys Star Stacker +11.07LEGO 2K Drive +10.9Party Animals +9.82Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition +9.53AK-xolotl +9.09Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon -8.8Dishonored 3 +8.64Little Nightmares III -8.49Excitebike 64 +7.61Mary Skelter Finale +7.32Blasphemous II +6.9Fort Solis +6.73Dying Light 2 -6.51Life by You +6.23Bomb Rush Cyberfunk +5.97 More

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Games Developed or Published By "Bullfrog Productions"

Theme Hospital game

Theme Hospital

The game is the thematic successor to Theme Park, a game also produced by Bullfrog. While the player has no direct control over the patients who wander the hospital, they do however have some influence over whether to evict them from the hospital or determining what to do with them when given a choice...

Theme Park World game

Theme Park World

Theme Park World is a construction and management simulation game, and is a sequel to the 1994 video game Theme Park. Various elements can be controlled by the player, such as the name of the park, the price of admission, the layout of the roller-coaster tracks, and the quality of food in the park restaurants....

Populous: The Beginning game

Populous: The Beginning

It is the third entry in the Populous video game series, developed by Bullfrog Productions in 1998. Unlike earlier games in the series, which cast the player in the role of a god influencing loyal followers, The Beginning took a radical departure and placed the player in the role of a shaman, who directly...

Magic Carpet 2 game

Magic Carpet 2

Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds is a 1995 video game, the sequel to the Magic Carpet. The apprentice's master, who died after unleashing his deadly spell, was being spied upon by the Netherworld's ruler, Vissiluth, who is now intent on conquering the world of the living. After the apprentice destroys...

Hi-Octane game


It is notable amongst racing games for its wide and open tracks, and the resulting freedom offered to the player, and also for its excessive speed. Hi-Octane is rumored to begin life as something several Bullfrog programmers coded in free time, and then decided to improve the game and market it under...

Genewars game


For instance, a crab is a good armored defender, while a mule is a perfect detritus transporter.

Dungeon Keeper 2 game

Dungeon Keeper 2

In the game's campaign mode, the player is charged with recovering the portal gems from each area in order to open a portal to the surface. Like the original, Dungeon Keeper 2 places the player in the role of a malignant overlord bent on world domination.

Dungeon Keeper game

Dungeon Keeper

The ultimate goal is to conquer the world by destroying the heroic forces and rival dungeon keepers in each realm. The primary method of control is the hand, used to pick up Creatures and objects in the dungeon, carry them around, and drop them. If it is destroyed, the player loses. Along with the heart,...

Populous: The Promised Lands game

Populous: The Promised Lands

An expansion for the popular Bullfrog PC Strategy game, Populous. It was released in 1989 and added five new landscape types, and 500 maps for Conquest Mode.

Populous game


Played from an isometric perspective, the game consists of more than 500 levels, with each level being a piece of land which contains the player's followers and the enemy's followers. The game received critical acclaim upon release, with critics praising the game's graphics, design, sounds and replay...