In Moss, players can reach out, touch, and interact with the environment while guiding Quill through her journey. As a character within the world, players will work together with Quill to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and conquer any danger that comes their way,” said Danny Bulla, co-founder and design director of Polyarc. “As gamers, we’ve been conditioned for years to hold a gamepad in our laps when playing games, letting our thumbs and fingers do the controlling. It has been a great experience to create an immersive game that encourages players to reach into and interact with a tactile world.


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Moss First Impressions | ConsidVRs

Moss is one of the most anticipates PSVR titles of the year and it doesn't disappoint. Even with TPP and a dualshock, it is better than most VR titles because of it's artstyle, the adorable Quill, and...
CryMorGaming's Avatar CryMorGaming 2018-03-28 20:06:21
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