PlatinumGames Makes A Deal with Tencent

Posted By   blazen's Avatar blazen   on January 7th, 2020 Report

Bad news for fans of PlatinumGames, the creators of games like Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, Madworld, Vanquish, and more. Tencent, a large Chinese company that holds a large part of other major Western video game companies (like Epic games) has made a "capital investment" into PlatinumGames.

PlatinumGames states they hope to use this to strengthen their foundation as a business. However, we've seen Tencent do some not so great things in the past.

I had hoped to see a different company invest in PlatinumGames, like Nintendo. Nintendo and PlatinumGames have made some great video games together, including Bayonetta 2, Astra Chain, and Wonderful 101.

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