Who Can Write Reviews?

Game Sense is an open platform for gamers, Youtubers, and developers to share their opinions on video games so everyone can find the best video games from gamers and honest developers. Game Sense uses various factors to measure how good of a reviewer you are to weigh how much your reviews, votes, and ratings should affect scores. It is merit based, and becoming a powerful reviewer requires more than just buying a game and having it on your account.

Any gamers from any gaming era or style are welcomed to review a wide range of games. If Game Sense doesn't have the game you want to review, you can even add it yourself!

Our only rules are that if you have a video game news site, Youtube channel, video game, etc that you are posting about and you are involved with, you must declare it in the "Disclosures" section of your profile. We do not allow viral marketing campaigns, even if you pay us a lot of money. If you are caught using a viral marketing agency or manipulating scores, there will be repercussions including, but not limited to a huge banner on top of your game that says you have been caught manipulating scores.

Establish Yourself

Create a profile to show what kind of gamer you are, and link to your other accounts. Game Sense also has a very powerful backlog manager. It lets you keep track of games you want to play or have played. Your backlog shows up in your Game Sense profile, so you can show everyone what kind of gamer you are and what sort of experience you have. Gaming is a meritocracy, establishing yourself as a serious gamer will help other gamers respect your reviews and videos.

If you have a gaming channel, you should make your Game Sense account the same as your gaming channel. It will help build familiarity with your channel and help gamers recognize you.

Your accomplishments as a video game reviewer will show up in your achievements and your Game Sense levels. Detailed stats on what type of reviewer and how you participate in Game Sense will be made available to everyone for you to show off.

Focus On A Topic

Game Sense reviews focus on a specific topic about video games. For example, you could write a review about a specific thing about the game you're reviewing's gameplay. Say, you find the gameplay gets stale after a few hours, all you'd have to do is write how it gets stale and when. You can write multiple reviews for a single game.

By dividing reviews into specific topics, users can vote on those reviews if they agree or disagree. Gamers also can discuss the individual part of the game.

Level Up To Make A Big Difference

Each review, vote, rating, and news post you make will affect something's score. The more active and the more votes up you get, the more you level up. The more you level up, the more your reviews, ratings, and votes affect something's score.

Game Sense levels are designed so that the top 40% or so of users are in an upper tier. This prevents a tiny group of gamers from becoming power users and dominating the site.

Grow Big

Your Game Sense review history is a great way to show off to potential sites that you'd like to work for as a job to earn money. Getting started and establishing well read, popular reviews can be difficult, specially when you have to do your own promotion. Game Sense will help you reach a lot of gamers, letting you focus on your videos and reviews.

You can add your gaming channel videos to a review. Gamers love videos, and your videos will show up all over the site and even on our social media accounts. Check out things like Game Sense TV, which creates a playlist of all videos posted for gamers to watch. By adding your video to a review, it'll be added into things like Game Sense TV.

Review Almost Any Video Game

Gamers need reviews for obscure, retro, and all sorts of video games. Reviewing popular video games is great, but there are a ton of awesome video games out there that gamers have never even heard of. Game Sense wants to help you reach gamers and support your favorite developers for obscure, unplayed video games. Gamers need you to find good games to play, lord knows what happens when bloggers pretending to be gamers start recommending people video games.

What's Not Allowed?

Adult and hentai games are not allowed. Generally, the game should be rated Mature or below by ESRB.

Discussing politics is not allowed. You may speak about how games are altered or censored, but you can not bring personal politics or political beliefs into your reviews. Game Sense is for discussing more objective things about video games. Politics can be extremely subjective and those discussions are not allowed.

For example, you can discuss, in a neutral tone, how a localization team modified a foreign video game from the original developer's vision. But you can't inject your personal beliefs into it. Conversly, reviews and posts about how something offends you or bothers you, based on your political beliefs, is not allowed.

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