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GameSense Video Game Timeline

Modern video games are a $100 billion global industry. Tens of thousands of video games have been released throughout history, spanning all sorts of consoles, platforms, and operating systems.

The GameSense Video Game Timeline allows you to browse through the entire history of video game releases, on all platforms, consoles, and operating systems. The GameSense database starts with the first video game system to support multiple games through different media, the Fairchild Channel F. Previously, video game consoles before that came with predefined games, cartridges and disks weren't even on the table yet. This was the era of video games like Pong.

With the advent of video game cartridges, the market exploded rapidly. Activision formed in 1979 as the first third party game developer, which ushered in a new era in video games. No longer did you buy a console with all the games included and no options for additional games. You could buy a gaming console and buy additional games for it. It was truly revolutionary for its time.

The GameSense Database is user maintained, you can find video games from the beginning of video game history to today here. GameSense supports all video game platforms, consoles, and operating systems. You can scroll through video game history here by scrolling or touching and pulling to the left to go back in time, or right to go forward in time. Jump to specific dates in time with the menu above. You can click or touch a game and see more about it. If you're ambitious, you can write a review, rate the game, update the information, and more.

We hope you enjoy your walk through video game history with the GameSense Video Game Timeline of video game releases.