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A New Update To The GameSense Android App Is Here, Bringing Performance and Interface Improvements, and new features

Posted By on September 17th, 2019

Today, we are happy to announce an update to the GameSense Android App. The new version, 0.9.39 contains several bug fixes, interface improvements, and performance improvements.The GameSense Android App allows you to make posts, read posts, manage your backlog, comment on posts, and more. It's a fully featured client for that you can take with you on your phone. I personally think it's very useful for when you are on the couch playing on a gaming console and you want to write some short posts or rate some games.

User Interface Improvements

We made a lot of small changes to the user interface that will help you when doing things like joining GameSense, making posts, etc. We also worked to make things a little less cluttered.

Performance Improvements

Scrolling through posts, games, etc is now significantly smoother, it should be much more enjoyable now

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Now, when you are viewing a post on the GameSense Android App, you can see 10 similar posts to the one you're currently looking at

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If you already installed the app, it should update for you shortly.

The GameSense Android App is a great way to take advantage of what GameSense has to offer, including free discussion of games, our own comments and discussion, reacting to posts to help change scores, categorizing posts to help break down scores to show how each post affects a score, and more. It's free to join, you can sign up via the website or via the app.

Reviewers and Gaming Channels Wanted

We are still looking for more people to review games, post news, and post videos. You can write short reviews about specific parts of a game you like or dislike, you don't have to write a wall of text. And you can post videos from your own gaming channel to promote your channel to help it grow. Posting on GameSense has never been easier or more convenient than with the GameSense Android App. You can even post your videos and interesting news articles when you're reading and watching them, just by sharing the video or web page with the GameSense Android App.

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