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Announcing 2019 and 2010s User Game Rankings

Posted By on December 23rd, 2019
The 2010s were a very memorable year for video games, and we want to provide you control of the strongest and the lowest. GameSense is announcing the 2010s and 2019 best of, worst of, and whatever awards. We’ll be doing this differently than most. Typical top lists are more or less popularity contests. We’ll instead be taking video games that had any release between the start of 2010 and the end of 2019 and classing them on various criteria you decide. It’s up to you! We’ll be crunching the data and finding unusual trends and hierarchies and using your judgments, votes, and ratings to deliver an extraordinary glimpse at 2019 and the 2010s.

We’ll study assorted video games organized in distinct aspects. There’s going to be a best and worst ranking of 2019 and the 2010 decade. We will base ranks on a game that had any new release. This includes games released before 2010 but had a new release. Other than the easy ones, we’ll look at unique things, like games with specific tags and rank those.

GameSense will depend on your posts, ratings, and votes on posts to score these games! So you can join or login and get started. Here’s how you can contribute:

Write Reviews or Post Videos

Make some posts about games you loved or disliked over the 2010s and 2019. You can write long, detailed reviews or just some short posts about specific parts you really enjoyed or you didn’t. All games that had a release are fair game, so don’t be shy.

Rate Games

You can rate video games based on their game play, graphics, audio, etc. These assessments will contribute to the score which is what ratings are based on.

React/vote On Posts

You can find existing posts other gamers have made and vote how that post makes you feel about the game, and it’ll contribute to the score.

Tag Games

We’ll look for interesting game tags and rate games based on them. You can add a tag to any video game, get creative!

GameSense is coming up on three years old, and we’ve worked hard to give you a lot of different ways to tell other gamers if a game is good or not. We‘re looking forward to your opinions and where you place the games of 2019 and the 2010s. 

We will have results available some time after the new year. They’ll be announced on our social media as well as the home page of GameSense. Us at GameSense are looking forward to what you can organize and seeing what gamers really felt about the 2010s and 2019!

Getting started is really easy. Just search for the games you're interesting in and click the blue buttons on the bottom of a game's box art and score. We recently made a huge update to GameSense and everything should be a lot simpler and enjoyable to use.

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