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Backlog Indicators

Posted By on April 24th, 2021

Announcements video game Just a quick update, we've added a backlog icon that lets you know where a game is on your backlog now when you're browsing games or looking at posts. This was something the GameSense Android App had and the website lacked, so we hope you can enjoy being able to see what video games are on your backlog just by browsing, searching, etc.

It is in the lower right hand corner on the box art, it has the GameSense Backlog icon with how you've added the game to your backlog (following, playing, completed, dropped). You can click on it and it will let you update where the game is on your backlog.

If you're unaware, you add video games to your GameSense Backlog, and you can filter reviews, news, and videos based on your backlog, get release date notifications for games on your backlog, and if you have the GameSense Android App you can even get notifications on your phone when games on your backlog are posted about or release. You can also get emails when a game on your backlog releases. Of course you can always just get GameSense notifications on the website and use that if you don't want to share your email or you don't have Android.

It's quite handy for making sure you don't miss a game, especially since some games today are a very slow trickle of news and sometimes it's easy to forget about them because you haven't heard much about them. The GameSense Database is pretty complete, so this also applies to smaller indie games and stuff, making it easier for you to remember when they launch, as well as to find news, reviews, and videos about indie video games if they would be buried in the avalanche of news from more popular games.

We hope you enjoy this update this makes it a lot easier for you to manage your Backlog. If you aren't using GameSense to keep track of your games, you can get started and join for free. It will help you find cool games and remember neat games you've saw but would probably forget about because shill media is ranting and raving about whatever they're getting paid to write about.

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