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End of February New Features And Updates

Posted By on February 28th, 2019

Today, we launched a new a feature. Like all things Game Sense, it's in beta, but it should prove to be a very useful tool for helping you find out about publishers and developers.

If you're not aware, we recently changed how posting works on Game Sense. Previously, you'd have to select a "Post Category" and then a "Post Topic", that would cover things like gameplay, graphics, etc.

We recently got rid of that system, and instead gave you more power so you can add tags to posts, for whatever you want. This has a lot of benefits, besides giving you more freedom, it lets us give you tools to analyze why a score is what it is a little better.

The first thing we did was create an analysis for each game, based on hash tags. You can vote on how you think a post affects a game, whether it's good or bad. We then take those hash tags from each post, do some math, and can tell you how the hash tags for each game contribute to the score.

One of the best examples I can think of is censorship in games. If you posted some examples of censorship,  used the #censorship hash tag, and voted the censorship was bad for the game, you'd see in the Game Sense Hash Tag Analysis that #censorship had a low score and was negatively affecting the game's score.

Game Sense Hash Tag Updates

Today, we've taken that one step further, by bringing the same hash tag analysis to publishers and developers.

Now, when you view a publisher or developer, you get an analysis of all the hash tags used for all the games they've published or developed. This means, you can now see how publishers and developers are performing based on what gamers are saying about their games.

For example, if a developer is constantly releasing games that get tagged with good game play and high votes, you'll see that in their developer (or publisher) page. On the other hand, if they're censoring games a lot and the tag is being used, you'll also see that.

From there, you can browse all the posts about that publisher's games by hash tag, or view all posts with that hash tag.

We think you will find this very helpful in determining which publishers and developers have your best interests at heart. And it's all taken from posts about their games.

Of course, we are always looking for more gamers to post about video games on Game Sense. So if you're up to it, feel free to join and get started!

Changes to Publisher Pages

We updated publisher and developer pages to the more modern look that game pages had.

You can now easily see how many games are in the Game Sense database that that developer or publisher has. You can also browse all posts about video games from a publisher or developer. There were also some appearance changes.

Bug Fixes

While we were at it, we also fixed a lot of bugs.

There were quite a few this time around, two of the biggest ones were search not working right when you wanted to search for something specific (like games, publishers, etc). The other was some people having problems clicking on the signup form at

We made a few more bug fixes, as well as did some things to improve performance. We also made some updates to the appearance of Game Sense. We like to make small changes every now and then to let you know when we've made deeper changes to Game Sense.


It should go without warning that these new features are in beta.

We will continue to improve them and fix bugs as long as you guys tell me about them. If you notice anything weird, be sure to drop us a line. Game Sense is an open platform for anyone to post reviews, news, and videos. If you love video games and want to join us on our mission to build a gamer powered site for gamers, feel free to sign up.

We haven't taken crowd funding money or anything, so we thank you for your patience when things go a little wrong.

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