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GameSense Android App Version 6 Rolling Out Now

Posted By on August 7th, 2022

Today, we've started rolling out version 6 of the GameSense Android App. This new version features a lot of bug fixes, and some cool new features. Thank you all for your support and continued growth as we continue to squash bugs and make the app better and better.

Game Post and Media Scrolling

Announcements video game

When viewing games, you'll now get this handy scroll of images and videos from all the posts made about that game. You can scroll through every image and video. Touching it will open up a preview where you can zoom in and pan on the picture. If it's a video, there's a button to open up the video in your favorite video viewing client, but there's always a button to view that post. If you're viewing a gaming device, it fills up with images and videos from games for that gaming device. For example, if you look up Sega Genesis on the App, you'll see images and videos from games like Ecco the Dolphin and Sonic the Hedgehog. It also works on publishers and developers, too, showing you images and videos from games published and developed by that company.

Notifications Center

We upgraded GameSense to create notifications about games on your backlog in the notification center, instead of just sending your Android device a device notification. For a brief time, those notifications were grouped with your notifications about stuff on GameSense. Now, they are separated in their own tabs, so you can browse GameSense activity and posts about games on  your backlog separately in your notification center.

Auto Loading and Saving Drafts

It's now easier to work on your reviews and posts. The post editor will now automatically save and load drafts based on what you choose. For example, you can work on a post about Super Mario Bros, switch to Sonic the Hedgehog and work on one there, then go back to Super Mario Bros and resume where you left off. It's a nice quality of life improvement.

Tooltips And Stuff

There's a bunch of short tutorials explaining features of GameSense as you come in contact with them. We know there's a lot to the App, even though it might seem like a simple news aggregator at first. We hope you find them as you explore the app and see everything GameSense has to offer

General Improvements

There were some bug fixes, especially with the profile editor and replying to comments someone else already made. Some designs were improved, like the game browser, to look better and scroll better. There were also accessibility improvements as well. We made tags easier to find and deal with. The item chooser now has a history pop up based on video games you've selected before. This helps a ton with the auto load and save of drafts so you can keep working on them easily.

Score analysis has been improved, categories and tags are now sorted from most improving the game's score to most damaging.

Get It NOW!

You can get it on your android device here:


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