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GameSense Redesign, Bug-Fixes, and Improvements

Posted By on December 19th, 2019

We’re announcing the big redesign to This update addresses your concerns about GameSense being difficult to use, good tools being too stretched out, and being confusing to use. The new elements of fix these issues.

Game Browser Updates

The Game Browsers have gotten massive revisions. We have combined search and browsing into a simple tool. No longer are search and game browsers separate. It brings fresh and exciting innovations and ways to explore video games.

You can cultivate games by your backlog, gaming platforms, and lists you’ve created. These were all special tools you’d have to deal with. Manage your backlog and add games on lists anywhere you see a game’s score by using the buttons at the bottom. This means you don’t have to move from other places to include a game on your backlog. Enjoying a post and wish to follow the game? You can follow it when viewing a post.

Tags can filter games. You can add any tags you want to any video games. Refining them in the browser is easier than ever. Try filtering by tags with a search!

You can filter games by the platform, console, publisher/developer, and localizer. has a nice feature that allows you to vote on various “properties” of a game. These contain DRM, purchases, micro-transactions, how much censorship a game has, and what politics it has. You can refine games based on their properties. So, if you’re looking for dungeon crawlers with no censorship or political bias on Windows, just do it with a few clicks.

Use these filters, even with a search. We hope you can find this helpful for discovering video games! All of this information is user-generated, you can join and start voting on properties, tagging, etc. Your contributions make search better and help gamers find more video games.

We’ve made searching options and sorting better. Top games for individual consoles were in specific areas of the site. Now, you can sort by scores from best to worst. Coupled with tagging, this makes it easy to discover video games that meet your criteria. Uncover the best or worst games with a tag filters, best on a specific console, publisher, etc. We imported genres to tags to make tags far more useful.

Our goal is to set up the most powerful video game search tool out there, that covers one of the largest databases of video games. We need your help to organize these video games, so join GameSense to start!

Post Browser New Features

Browsing and searching posts got a similar range of improvements. You can now filter posts by games on your backlog, filter distinct types of posts, and refine posts by post tags. Search is integrated and you can sort posts. Try searching posts for a game name to get that game’s posts.

Both updates to the game and post browser brought together a lot of features that were spread about all over You can easily make your selections from the sidebar.

Notifications Update

We organized the notifications section into one page and separated comment replies. When viewing notifications, you’ll be able to filter them how you please based on their age.

Comment replies now have their page. You’ll receive a notification when someone comments on your post or replies to your comment. We promise this will help you talk with other gamers on and join the GameSense community. Our goal is to offer you the best place to speak about video games without excessive censorship.

General Improvements

We worked on organizing in a way to be easier to use. Simple tasks have a pop up or a dialog instead of their own page. The new update revolves around making sure you can do as much as possible without having to move that far.

We carried out several bug fixes. There are too many to mention. We fixed several issues when using GameSense on a mobile device. There were a lot of odd things that would break under weird conditions. We re-wrote the JavaScript interface and solved a lot of rare issues.

User Score Changes

We changed it to be clearer that keeps your score amount for the last 7 days, and it bases rankings on that period. You keep the points you earn over time, the modern way is much simpler. Now, you have GSP (GameSense Points) and GSP-7 (GameSense Points for 7 days). When you click on your score, you can see details on how your activity on has rewarded you with points. Your GSP-7 is now visible whenever you’re logged in at the top of the page next to your username.

We maintain track of the points you’ve earned. While GSP-7 is what you’ll watch, rewards, rankings, and other great things will come to you based on your  GSP.

You can collect GSP by:
    1. Writing posts
    2. Having gamers react to your posts
    3. Reacting to other gamer’s posts
    4. Voting on posts
    5. Tagging posts and games
    6. Writing game descriptions
    7. Updating game information
    8. Making comments
Gamers who bring in the most points can become a GameSense Guru. If accepted, you’ll have your posts featured on our social media. This is helpful if you have a gaming channel and you want more views and subscribers. It is a very easy process to obtain exposure for your gaming channel.

We anticipate to provide you better benefits. Contests with awards and give-aways for gamers with the highest GSP-7 is a feature we look forward to announcing soon.

View Stat Changes

The overall number of views now displays anywhere you go in the top of your screen. We improved accuracy of views too.

When you click on your views, you’ll view a chart showing your cumulative views over the previous 180 days. This only showed how many views you got per day. The new style is more useful as it shows your gained views on top of the last 180 days. It shows you your overall progress now.

New Skin!

We created a dark skin, and that’s the default. We made things more consistent and simpler to use.

Improved Autocomplete On Mobile

When you are typing in anything that uses site autocomplete suggestions, the pop-up of recommendations now shows above your mobile keyboard.

There were several other massive improvements when using the site on a mobile device.

In Summary

There's a lot of new stuff on GameSense, and a lot of things that were fixed. We are committed to giving you a place where you can freely express your opinions on games, giving you tools to manage, organize, and find games, and helping publishers and developers get their games into their hands.

We're still looking for more dedicated users to join us and talk about games they're playing. You're welcome to join and post your gaming channel videos on GameSense as well!

The new skin is less demanding on browsers, which means smoother scrolling on low-end devices.

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