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GameSense V5 Is Here

Posted By on April 5th, 2022

Today. we are proud to officially announce GameSense V5. Version 5 brings a lot of improvements, mostly to the Android App, but there are some big fixes to the website as well. We worked hard to fix a ton of bugs and to try and make things faster and more convenient to do, without removing features or "streamlining" anything.

Speed And Ease of Use In the Android App

One of the biggest goals was to make everything faster and more convenient in the Android App. From viewing posts to adding things to your backlog to follow the latest posts, we made things load faster and need less touching of the screen to get it done. We know the easiest way to do this is to remove features, but we insisted on not removing anything. Several improvements were made that loads stuff quicker, and also uses less data.

Updated Home Screen

Announcements video game The home screen header has been redesigned. Previously, it only showed upcoming and recent video game releases for everything, your gaming devices, and on your backlog. It's been expanded to show the current leader board for the last 7 days for gamers who have been contributing to GameSense. You can contribute by making posts, reacting to posts, giving ratings, and filling out missing information in the database.

The lower part of the home screen shows recent changes to games, publishers, developers, etc from any sort of contributions gamers have made on GameSense. Game scores are no longer just something static that is given once and set in stone. As we've seen with some recent game releases, sometimes games make a horrible turn for the worse after a week or two of being released, by doing things like adding microtransactions. Other games end up turning around and becoming much greater than they were at release, like No Man's Sky did

Detailed Score Analysis

Announcements video game

Sometimes other websites and apps can show you that scores have changed over time, but they make it difficult to figure out why. This used to be hidden on a completely different screen, but we were able to consolidate it all into a single tab when you are looking at a game, publisher, device, etc. You can see how the score has changed over time, with dates. You can actually touch the date and GameSense will show you the ratings and post (due to post reactions) that happened on that date to cause the score to change.

Announcements video gameThe category break down was also massively improved. lets you add categories and tags to posts based on what each post is about, then you can give a reaction based on how that post makes you feel. For example, if it's a trailer that looks awesome, the post would have a "trailer" tag on it, you'd rate the post highly, then the score would change. Here, you would see the trailer tag grouped under "preview." The app will do its best to group post categories together based on how similar they are, but you can always click on "advanced" and see how each individual post category and reaction affects the score.

Tons of bug fixes

There was not a problem with crashing, but there were a few bugs with things just not working right. For example, you couldn't change your avatar and your header image when editing your profile at the same time, it's been fixed. We went through and fixed a lot of stuff like this. Which is why it took so long to get this update out, usually we bring out one update a month, but it's been a few months due to all the fixes.

Revamped Settings Page

The settings page was revamped and made more modern, and a lot of features were added to the setttings page instead of being scattered all over the app. This should make it easier to set up your GameSense how you want.

Improved Search

Search was massively improved, you can now do it whenever you are browsing posts, games, publishers, etc. There are a lot of new features here allowing you to change how they are sorted, what types of posts, and filtering by tags and categories. Results are better, we also enabled support for scrolling more than 10,000 results. The GameSense database has gotten pretty huge and was impossible to reach all of GameSense before.

Level Up Progress

The more you contribute to GameSense, the more power you have when influencing scores by reacting to posts and giving ratings. Now there's a pop-up that shows you when you've earned experience points, and a dialog when you level up. Now it's clear when you are earning points and gaining more power. This is enabled by default, but you can control where it shows on the screen (top or bottom), completely disable it, and disable it from spamming you if it's shown too quickly. It can be adjusted in the settings Website

A lot of the bug fixes we had for the app also affected the website. you may notice things working a little better than they were.

The new features also trickled over, there's now a ticker on the top of GameSense that shows you how much scores have changed.

The mobile skin was updated so the ticker and the main GameSense menu now can be scrolled horizontally and doesn't take up so much of the screen.

Dark mode saw some major improvements, check it out!

You can get the Android App here:

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