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GameSense Website V4 Is Here

Posted By on April 15th, 2021

Hey Everyone, it's been too long since an update has been posted about progress made at We are a small team who have created a website from scratch with the goal of giving gamers the tools they need to manage, find, explore, and share video games. While we haven't been posting about news and updates with GameSense development, we are here to tell you a bit about Version 4 of which was launched a little bit ago.

What's New With GameSense?

V4 was a major overhaul of the interface. The previous version of had some technical problems with the web design, which caused it to take a while to download and render on some device, and it could have been a little slow to scroll. This was fixed with GameSense V4, giving people a much better experience when browsing GameSense.

While we were going through and redesigning everything, we went through and made major improvements to the interface based on everyone's feed back, it's a lot easier to use and things are a lot more unified. Development of GameSense was slow and features were slowly put on top of features. This caused a lot of things to be unnecessarily complicated, both for you and for us to maintain. The new version of GameSense is significantly faster and easier to use, and we added some cool new features.

Updates To Posting

Posting reviews, news, videos, and more has been made far easier. There's now a simple item chooser so you can pick what you want to post about (a game, publisher, developer, etc). Importing your YouTube and Twitch videos to post is in a simple menu, all of them have been cleaned up and look the same.

Post Reactions And Game Ratings Can Be Recast

Previously, you only had one chance to rate a game, or one chance to react to a post. For ratings, you had one chance and that was it, you wouldn't know how your rating would affect a game's score. Now, you can play with the ratings and adjust the score through your ratings how you like, getting a nice preview of the score change.

Post reactions used to need to be previewed, then you'd press a button to submit your post reaction. Now, you can slide it to see how it will change a score and leave it alone when you're happy with it

Game/Publisher/etc And Post Browsers

There is no infinite scrolling as well as better functioning search and filtering. You can easily post, add to backlog, add to list, or edit logo/info/descriptions about games, publishers, etc you find in the browsers.

Profiles Were Updated

Profiles have a nice, new clean look and the information was split up so it's no so overwhelming. Please enjoy setting up your profile and sharing your video game backlog and your gaming biography with everyone.

Achievements Improved

GameSense has always believed in letting talented gamers who are dedicated get something for their skills and work. Which is why the more you contribute at GameSense, the more influence your actions have for or against something's score. It's a merit based trust system that rewards you for doing well and gives you influence over a game's score, ranking, etc.

The achievement system lets you monitor your progress as you gain influence on GameSense. It's been improved to show you which achievements you've reached and your progress to the next ones.

Comments Revamped

The entire comment system has been revamped, it works far better now, is far less laggy, and is much more enjoyable to use.

Better Notifications

The notification area was revamped, and to go with the release of V2 of the GameSense Android Client, notifications were also massively improved. You can now get notifications for games on your backlog directly on your phone, as well as plenty of other awesome things.

V4 Is A New Start

We have been working very hard to make GameSense an awesome place for you to get your gaming news, reviews, and videos. To enjoy free discussion of games, to promote your gaming site or gaming channel, and more. V4 fixed a large amount of issues that were plaguing the site. We're very happy with how V4 turned out. We are a small team, we don't really make money doing this, we do it because we like video games and think there really needs to be a quality place for gamers on the internet that isn't bogged down in excessive politics, agenda pushing, or money grubbing. We thank you all for your support over the years and we are looking forward to many more years. Growth is quite good and we are getting a nice amount of new gamers joining us every day.

We will continue to improve both GameSense Web and GameSense Android as time goes on. We look forward to hearing about what you're playing and the content you're creating, and sharing it on GameSense with us and thousands of other gamers from all over the world.

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2021-04-16 09:40:06

I love it