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Introducing GameSense WAD For Earning And Promoting Yourself

Posted By on May 13th, 2021

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Today, we're officially announcing the beta version of WAD. What is WAD? Well, the most common request we get for features on are tools to promote gaming channels and alternative gaming sites. WAD is a type of currency or points system where you earn points for contributing to, and you can spend those points to promote yourself. Below are the current amount of WADs you can earn for doing things on

ContributionWAD Earned
Write A Post 50
Give A Post Reaction 3
Receive A Post Reaction On Your Posts 3
Add A Post Tag To A Post 5
Add To The Game Database 3
Make A Comment 10
Each Upvote On Your Comment 2
Give A Rating To A Game, Platform, etc. 3
Write A Description For A Game, Platform, etc. 25
Add A Tag To A Game, Platform, etc. 15
Give An Item "Property"3

What Can You Do With WAD?

WAD is a powerful currency, we have lots more exciting plans, but basically it lets you promote yourself. You can sponsor your post, which will let it show up on the bottom of other posts. So, whenever anyone views a post on, your sponsored post will be in the rotation to show up on the bottom of that page. You can set the dates, and it costs a certain amount of WAD based on how many days you choose. This is a great way to get some exposure to your posts and help yourself grow.

In exchange for contributing to, you can also spend WAD to make your links in the optional URL field of a post "follow". Many of you web site owners will know what this means and how it can benefit both of us.

You can also send WAD to other users, we plan on expanding this in the future. Our goal with WAD is to create a system where you are rewarded for writing posts, descriptions, game information, etc with something more than just meaningless numbers in a database. We want to provide you with real value you can use to expand and grow.

Earning WAD

You basically just have to use to start earning WAD. Leave comments, write posts, react to posts, add tags, etc. We are working on adding more things to give you rewards for your contributions and joining us on our mission to create a better alternative for gamers. We have also retroactively added WAD to your account, so any past contributions you've made to, posts, comments, votes, tags, etc have earned you WAD. You may log in and find you have a lot to spend! We suggest you take it slowly and easily.

Overall, we're very happy with what this has potential for. We will be rolling out these updates to the Android App shortly. We look forward to seeing your channels and web sites grow with us! Please stay tuned for more updates and improvements with the WAD system. You can also contact us at give us your feedback!

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Did you know you can earn WAD to promote yourself on and your level will increase, giving you more influence on how you change scores?