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June 2021 Interface Update And Password Reset

Posted By on June 25th, 2021

We are launching a small yet impactful release today. The latest update redesigns the entire header of Previously, it was quite scattered, now everything seems to be organized a bit better. It's a lot more modern and menu options were better consolidated, I.E. gaming things found under the user menu are now under the games menu.

Changing Games For Already Made Posts

Previously, you could only edit the text of you a post you made. Now, you can change your games, publishers, developers, consoles, or localizers your post is about after you make the post. You can do it in your "Post History", located in the new "Posts" menu. You can also do fun stuff like spend $WAD to send your post to Android App users or sponsor it on other posts on so it shows up in a "read me" section of the post. Your post history also lets you see how many impressions your posts have gotten, as well as post reactions.

Password Reset Fixed For Some

There was a problem with resetting passwords not working for some people. We have hopefully fixed it. Please contact us if you have any further problems with it. It always "worked on my machine" but some browsers are misbehaving and having problems.

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