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June 2021 Update Includes Android App Fixes And New Site Features

Posted By on June 23rd, 2021

The big June update for includes a new release for the Android App that fixes several bugs as well as a new feature for the website.

Tracking Of Score Changes has living scores that change over time based on your input. The days of video games being static and never changing are over, sometimes they release as great games and they're ruined, sometimes they release in a very poor state and end up being fixed. Other times there's a ton of hype and the video game disappoints. Our goal has always been to try and give gamers something new that handles the current situation of video games better. Traditional reviews still follow the same format from when video games first came out, when they'd be released and never see an update ever again because the technology didn't exist.

The homepage of now shows you the games that have either lost or gained the most points in the last 30 days. This is a rolling update that updates information every night at around midnight US Central time. We hope this can show you some interesting information about how video game scores have been changing and trends in video gaming.

Android App Fixes

We found a few people were having problems with some data being stored on their devices and there were some small bugs that were fixed. It did not affect the majority of users but if you were having problems staying logged in on the Android App it is fixed in version 2.1.5.

It also displays your $WAD balance, but the ability to upgrade your posts and other things has not been implemented yet. It will be coming soon.

July Update

We have an interesting update planned for July though it may be postponed, focused on promoting your gaming site or your gaming channel. It should make your life a lot easier and should help promote yourself or a beloved channel or gaming site fairly easily. We will keep you updated, it will be one of the biggest changes on One of our goals has always been to give gamers who are dedicated enough to make their own gaming sites and channels the tools to promote themselves and grow. We know the internet has become very clique focused which a lot of success depending not on what you make, but who you know, and we want to offer a solution to a lot of people, ourselves included, who would rather focus on video games and making cool stuff than trying to network.

As always thank you all for your support of It couldn't be what it is today without you and we are very eagerly looking forward to the future. One last tidbit on users, last month we broke 1,500 users, this month we broke 2,000, so hurray and thank you for your support again. We hope you find very helpful in keeping track of video games you care about.

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