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May GameSense Updates

Posted By on June 7th, 2021

We've made some improvements to and we wanted to let you know what we've been up to. First though, we want to celebrate hitting 1,500 registered users. We are glad so many people are using to get their gaming news, reviews, and videos and using the Backlog to filter it all to get what's important to them. Anyways, on to the updates.

Search Engine Optimization

We've done some good SEO before, but page performance was still not as good as it could be. You may be noticing is running and loading a bit faster, and it's because we've fixed some site performance issues that will help increase SEO. What this means for you, if you write reviews, post news, or post videos, is that your quality posts will be found in major search engines a lot easier, so you'll continue to get views and impressions for months and months. Our Page Speed Insights ( ) are constantly hanging in the upper 90s for both mobile and desktop, with desktop sometimes making a perfect score depending on how the networks are running. This is pretty huge and it makes a very viable website for you to grow your career as a game reviewer, your gaming channel, and more.

Score Change On The Home Page

We are always trying to figure out cool ways to get information about video games to you. is unique in how you can react to how posts make you feel about a video game and that will affect the score. Because of this, scores can change a lot before they finally tend to land at a happy place.

When gamers vote to change a game's score, you can now see the biggest winners and the biggest losers on the home page. So you can keep up with trends and how some video games are doing. 

It's in beta and we will be making adjustments to make sure it can show you more interesting results as time goes on, but we think it's a really cool feature. We also redesigned the Leaderboard so more gamers are displayed.

Various Other Updates

We made some additional changes to the appearance of, and of course we fixed bugs. Things should be running smoother now and it should look a bit better on the eyes.

Thank you everyone for all your support. If you'd like to advertise on or anything please let me know. We added some ads (we have been running as a hobby and at a loss for years) and they aren't filling too well.

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