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New And Improved GameSense Home Page

Posted By on July 1st, 2020

Great news everyone, we've updated to the home page! There were two major issues the latest update addresses. These aren't major changes and redesigns, but we hope you'll find these new features to be a big help for finding video games to play.

Focusing On Reviews and Videos

Most posts are news-related posts. People like to make them because you just copy/paste a link, hit auto-fill, and you've got a post. But, as has grown and improved, the amount of people posting news is vastly outnumbering the people who post reviews and videos. Reviews and videos were getting drowned out by the news.

While we love that has turned into a place where you can get lots of new gaming news, we want to have more emphasis on gaming channels and user reviews. There is now a separate place for reviews and videos on the home page. It doesn't matter if you're a GameSense Guru or not, your videos and reviews will be featured at the top of the homepage, without any news to drown you out. It's a lot less work to make a news post than it is to post a video or a review. News posts won't be getting equal amounts of attention on the homepage now.

GameSense has a very generous self-promotion policy for your gaming channel. Posting your YouTube or Twitch videos on GameSense can help your channel have long term, steady growth over time. Now, your videos (and reviews) will be featured on the top of the GameSense homepage. If you are approved as a "GameSense Guru", your posts can even be featured on our social media! That's a lot of exposure, and it's free once you're approved.

Customized Release Date Notifications can tell you when games on your backlog are about to release, or when games on your platforms are about to release. Previously, this feature was spread across a few pages. We wanted to consolidate it, especially because it seems people are missing out on this key feature of GameSense. Now, if you have games on your backlog that will release, or have released, in seven days, there will be a notification on the homepage telling you which games are coming out soon.

You can add any games on GameSense to your backlog, so you can filter posts by your backlog and get release dates, too. The same applies to your gaming platforms and consoles. So, if you're only a Switch and PC gamer, you can filter out release dates and posts by games on those platforms.

All of this is free, on a website created by hobbyists outside of the clique. You can support us by turning off ad-block or joining GameSense and commenting, posting, and using GameSense to manage your video game backlog. We've worked hard to create our perfect vision of the best tool to find video games, no matter what you play or what you play on, and we're looking forward to you joining us. Whether you want to write reviews, post your videos, or keep us up to date with gaming news from other sites.

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