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New Game, Publisher And Developer Attributes To Rate

Posted By on May 2nd, 2020

Our long-standing goals at include giving gamers the ability to filter and rank games without having to write reviews. We know a small part of gamers write reviews, even though they have valid opinions. Reviews have always been the the main way video game scores are generated, which comes with their own slew of problems, including personal bias and placing too much weight on one person’s opinion.

One tool we have for gamers to help give games, publishers, developers, and more useful scores that can rank and organize games is the ability to rate games, publishers, etc based on attributes. For example, you can rate video games based on your opinion of their graphics, game play, controls, etc. Each rating contributes to the score which uses to rank games to help you find wonderful games. We believe in trying to change game scores from being created, useless numbers to something that matters.

Today, we’re announcing a few fresh ways to rate video games and publishers.

Video Game Ratings

We know that gamers are concerned about politics in their video games. This is always a touchy subject if you have a video game, or a gaming website, but, we will now let you rate a game based on how you feel about their politics. There is no right or left divide, only an option to choose if you approve of their politics or not. If you disapprove and rate it low, the game’s score will decrease, and if you approve of it, the score will increase.

You can now rate a game based on the art-style. We decided that graphics weren’t enough, and it only covers things in a game. We think being able to rate the art-style will allow you to ass things like character models, environments, etc without being focused on the graphics.

Rating the social features of a game has also been added. This doesn’t apply to all games. But social features, like playing with friends, sharing content, and more has become a very important part of video gaming, and we believe it should have an effect scores.

Publisher and Developer Ratings

We know that the politics of publishers and developers matters to a lot of people, no matter what part of the political spectrum you’re on. Which is why we’re now allowing you to rate a publisher or developer based on how their politics affect you. Rating a publisher’s politics low (if you don’t like it) will raise that publisher (or developers) score, and rating it high (because you like their politics) will raise the score.

How To Get Started

You can join for free on the web page. Start searching for games, publishers, and developers you want to rate, visit their page, and head over to the rate section and start rating. The more you rate, vote, and react to posts, the stronger your ratings become. We also have an Android app you can find on or

Android App Update

We have been working hard on bringing the Android App to full release. We are getting very close to releasing beta version 1.0.0. We want to thank everyone who has stuck with us and helped test the earlier versions. App 1.0.0 will feature massively improve performance, a massively improved interface, and a whole lot more! We’re really excited and we think this will be one of, if not the best, video game news app for organizing, tracking, and scoring video games.

Please stay tuned for more updates. You can also download the App to your Android device and receive the update when it launches soon!

jiggy's Avatar jiggy
2020-05-04 23:34:51

This is a lot of fun rating things by how I feel about their politics. thanks for the update Aaron!