New Game Sense Android App Update Brings Game Release Notifications, Leaderboards, and Bug Fixes

Posted By   GameSenseAaron's Avatar GameSenseAaron   on September 5th, 2019 Report

Today, GameSense, the gamers first platform for sharing news, videos, and user reviews, has launched a new update to the Game Sense Android App. The Game Sense Android App is designed to give you all the tools of Game Sense in your pocket, on your phone or tablet. The following updates were made:

Notifications have been added on the app's home screen when a video game on your backlog will release in three days, or has released in three days. The Game Sense Backlog allows you to add any video games, AAA, indie, retro, mods, etc to a list of games you're interested in. You can mark each game as "playing", "following", "dropped", or "completed" to track your video games. You can use the Game Sense Android App (or to add and remove video games relevant to your interests.

There is now a leaderboard for the Game Sense Android App. Game Sense believes in competition, so we encourage you to earn points by posting, commenting, tagging posts and games, and earning impressions on your posts. There is a running 7 day contest for who has earned the most points in the last 7 days. Changes were made to the scoring system, so you will now see your total points as well as how many points you've earned in the last seven days.

Several bug fixes were implemented, as well as some user interface improvements. A few rare crashes were resolved as well.

You can get the official Game Sense Android App on either:

Google Play:


You are free to join Game Sense and post your reviews, news, or gaming videos. You can learn more about Game Sense and our mission for gamers here:

*Some features require a free account. You can register on the website or via the Official Game Sense Android App

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