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New Stuff: Like/Dislike Bar, Featured Posts, and Bug Fixes

Posted By on March 23rd, 2019

Today, we launched an update that has a few new features and some pretty big bug fixes. There was a nasty bug where posting some URLs would cause the post form to error out. It only happens with some URLs. We're still working on it, but we've made some good steps today.

Like/Dislike Bar

You can now like or dislike posts. You'll also get a handy bar showing you the ratio of likes to dislikes. This is not the same as rating a post. Likes and dislikes are only for the post itself, it does not affect the game's score like using the post slider does.

Improved Post Format

We updated the design for posts. They should look a lot cleaner and a lot less cluttered. We hope you enjoy the new design and we will continue to improve it based on your suggestions.

Featured Posts

If you're not aware, Game Sense is an open place for any gamers to speak freely about their video games and their opinions. A lot of censorship and harsh things are happening to gaming review sites, comment sections being shut down, "review bombs" (lol) being removed. I could go on for a while about all of this, but in short, we're dedicated to giving you a platform to speak your mind about video games. We don't depend on publishers giving us money to function, and we don't depend on selling you games you'll probably never play in a sale to make money. We also don't buy the whole "ban review bombs" thing, because they usually happen when a publisher or developer does something that makes gamers really mad. Anyways, I'm off topic, but we're looking for gamers to post reviews, news and videos, which leads into the next feature.

Gamers who write quality posts on Game Sense have their posts featured on our social media. The idea is that smaller writers, gaming channels, and gaming sites shouldn't be spending their time building up social media followers and stuff, they should be making quality content to get people interested in their site, channel, etc. We want to do that work for you so you can focus on video games.

Previously, you would be fast-tracked if you became a Game Sense Guru, and your posts would be featured. You'd have to apply, and if you were accepted, you'd be able to have your posts featured.

That is no longer the case. If you are a Game Sense Guru, your featured posts will function the same way as they always have. But, if you're not, Game Sense mods can now feature any post they want, even if they're not a Game Sense Guru. We can hope promote good games and good gamers without making you have to apply and jump through all these hoops. We hope you like it.

Bug Fixes

There were a few bug fixes, specially ones that stopped people from making posts. We're really sorry about this, but if you've had problems posting in the last few days please try again and it should be better.

Final Notes

Thank you all for your patience. Please, send us a message when you encounter any bugs. To be honest, we could really use some beta testers who want to report errors and offer suggestions on how to improve Game Sense. If you are interested reach us on our social media or write me at You can always join for free and start posting about any games you like.

We recently changed our rules to allow posting about Hentai and adult games. We are dedicated to creating a place where gamers can share news, write reviews, and make and share videos about video games where there can be difference of opinion, and we don't have to put publisher's needs over gamers.

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