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New User Menu

Posted By on June 26th, 2021

Announcements video gameToday, we are launching a new update to your user menu when you are logged in. Previously, all the cool information like your points, rank, and views were scattered all over and difficult to find. Now, they have all been consolidated in one single area. This was spread all over and it was a bit of a mess, hopefully this new way will make it clear what progress you're making on and how you are growing and gaining more power and exposure. In the top left corner, we have your current rank for the last 7 days. This is calculated as a rolling average so it will constantly change day by day based on how much you've contributed and participated in GameSense. You can click on this and it will open up the leaderboards showing you your rank and the ranks of several other gamers.

Second in on the top, we have the current number of points. you've earned, with the smaller number of points indicating how many you've earned in the last week. After that, in the top right, is your level and your progress to the next level. Your level is determined by how many points you have, but the higher your level, the more influence you have over changing scores.

On the next row, is the number of impressions your posts have gotten total, with the impressions you earned recently (yesterday or today, it's still in development and up to change). You can click on it and see a chart of your impression and view growth over the last 30 days, or less if that's all the information we have.

After that is the $WAD Balance. lets you use $WAD to upgrade your posts. You can change links to follow links, sponsor it show it shows up for other posts, and more. You earn $WAD by participating, it's pretty easy to earn and you can promote your reviews and videos easily with it.

Then, on the right of the second row, is the notifications area. The first notification is about video games on your backlog that are about to release or will release soon. As you can see I have 7 games on my backlog that are about to come out. Clicking on it will show you the schedule of games that are about to release.

The next notification icon is general notifications. These can include updates about your posts, like if it's been featured on social media, if someone comments on it, if someone reacted to it and changed the game's score, etc. You also get notifications about game releases and more.

On the third row, is the toggle for day/night mode, pretty self explanatory.

Next to that is the "Post" button, for writing posts. Another super self explanatory thing.

Finally you have your username, which you can click to open up a menu. You can do things like view your achievements or profile, edit your profile, change your password, email, or notification settings, view your post history, and view your stats for your posts.

New Notification For Impressions

If you have earned more than 500 views or impressions in a week, you'll get a notification about how many impressions you've earned. We realize a lot of you care about how many people are reading your reviews, news, and watching your videos and you probably have a lot going on. This is a nice reminder, it'll even be forwarded to your email if you have that feature enabled.

We hope you enjoy the new features of user menu for GameSense. This should make it easier to track your progress as you grow into someone with a lot of influence.

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