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Promote Your Game With The GameSense Widget

Posted By on June 4th, 2020

Social reviews, discussion, and ratings are more important than ever on the internet. User video game reviews can bring you tons of exposure and help your video game go viral.

Today, we are officially launching the GameSense Game Widget. This is a small widget you can place on your blog, website, anywhere you can place HTML, that shows you in real-time what your video game's score is, as well as making it easy to see on You can customize the widget to show the latest posts. You can also change the call to action between none, add to backlog, review on, and rate on

In this age when gamers trust "professional" reviewers and major media outlets less than ever, getting your video game reviewed and promoted by real gamers is more important than ever. Gamers trust other gamers.

What Options Are There?

There are several different options for you to choose from when making your Game Widget, including a light or dark theme, where (or if) to display posts, and several different types of buttons to choose from.

Gamers can add your game to their backlog. They'll be able to filter posts based on what's on their backlog. Get gamers to follow your game on and they'll get notified of all the posts made about them. If they have the Android App (, they can even get notifications on their smart device when a post about your game is made. Gamers are also notified when a game on their backlog releases.

Gamers can also get a quick link to your video game page, where they can see all sorts of information, ratings, scores, descriptions, and user posts. You can update and maintain this page yourself by creating a free account.

A quick rating option is also available, which lets gamers rate all sorts of different aspects of your video game, which will affect the score of your game. does a lot of ranking and ordering by scores, so they're very important and based on something real.

What Games Are Allowed? has always been about giving any developers a fair chance to share their video games with gamers. Promotion isn't easy, especially for smaller developers. Any gamers can add almost any game to, which means we want your games added. Whether it's been your primary job to make a game for years, or it's a quick weekend project, you're free to add it. Once added, you can create a widget to promote your game and place it anywhere you can put HTML code.

Other Promotional Benefits

Getting gamers to post about your game can be a huge opportunity for you to gain free exposure. GameSense Gurus, power users, can feature posts about your video game on all of our social media sites. That's massive exposure, for free. You're free to make posts about your games on and talk with other gamers here, but other gamers can post about it as well and help promote your game for you.

How To Get Started

The Game Widget is currently free. Head on over to the Widget creator ( and search for the game you'd like to make a widget for. If the game isn't available in the website, you can create a free account and add the game to the database to get started. While you're at it, you can also update the logo, description, release dates, and more.

We look forward to being a valuable part of helping you get your video game in the hands of more gamers. No game is too small for the widget! Let's work together and spread your video game to gamers!

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