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Promote Your Video Game With The GameSenseco Button

Posted By on May 13th, 2021

The Share Button lets you share any game on the database on your own website. You simply copy and paste the generated HTML code into your website where you want the button and we'll take care of the rest. It's very similar to a share button you may add to your website, but it's for the game itself instead of the page. It will help gamers keep track of your game and to help spread awareness. Use it with share buttons for other web sites!

To compliment the game widget, we've also created a smaller, lighter weight button for your video games and sharing them on your website. Instead of the large widget, this is just a small button you can add that compliments share buttons and the like.

Announcements video game

There are several versions you can use:

Add To Backlog Opens up a window when a gamer clicks on your button on your website that lets them quickly add the game to the backlog. Gamers will get notifications about posts made on their games on their backlog, as well as release dates, and more. If you are posting a lot about a specific game, having someone add that game to their Backlog can really help! The number shows how many gamers have added the game to their backlog. We think this is the most valuable button you can have.

Rate Opens up a window that lets gamers rate your game, changing the score and ranking on They can rate several things, including gameplay, graphics, etc.

Review Lets gamers easily write a review, post news, or videos about your game

View If you just want to let gamers see your game on

This button is a lot smaller and easier to implement into your website. We hope you find the button useful and can use it to promote your game! It also works great on blogs and stuff for driving more users to view your website or game.The share button is completely free to use, customizable, and works well on mobile and desktop devices.

Check out the button creator here: You can use it with any game in the database, and if the game isn't there, you can always add the game to the video game database.

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