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Stage 1 Of The Big Social Update Is Here

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GameSenseAaron's Avatar GameSenseAaron
on October 15th, 2021

We have just gotten the social features of mostly up and running. Once it's fully up and running, you'll be able to control if you get notifications for gamers you follow when they make a post, rate a game, leave a comment, and more. You'll also get updates when games on your backlog are updated, posted about, a post about a game on your backlog gets a comment, etc.

The notifications are ready to go, but we won't enable them until the Android App update that lets you toggle the settings for notifications rolls out to enough active people. It should take a few weeks. But, for now, you can change your notification settings on the website, or wait until version 3 of the GameSense Android App rolls out.

Announcements video game

You'll be able to control when people who follow you on get notifications about things you do. If you have a gaming channel, gaming site, or just want to make friends, this is a great way to let people know what type of gamer you are and to socialize and meet other games who enjoy video games you like.

Announcements video gameInstead of just getting notifications about when games on your backlog are released, you'll now be able to get notifications when gamers do things to games on your backlog.

As you can see, these are a lot of unique notifications that will help you network and meet gamers. We have realized there are a lot of databases of video games out there that don't do anything too special. We are hoping these social features will make participating a bit more rewarding, as you can earn followers and interact with them.

Right now, the notifications are not enabled, but you can change your settings on the website now. We are a little busy in real life and we don't want to enable notifications until we have a bunch of time to watch things and make sure there aren't any major bugs.

There were also some improvements to user profiles, you can now view multiple pages of other gamer's backlogs, viewing lists on profiles now displays better, and there were some general improvements made that should make things render better. The servers were also updated, some things made some very large upgrades.

We hope you enjoy the new updates. Remember, this is just a hobby for us, we are gamers who just want to make a cool gaming website. Please consider joining and taking advantage of the new features, and maybe even disabling adblock since it has always cost me money to keep GameSense going.

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