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Update: Filter Posts By Discussions and Filter Games By Release Year

Posted By on January 7th, 2020

Today, we are launching a small update to GameSense which allows you to filter posts based on whether they have discussions going, as well as games by years they have had a release.

You can now find discussions and comments on posts quickly and easily from the GameSense home page by checking the "With Discussions" checkbox. Posts with discussions can be searched and filtered as well. We also managed to fix a bug where posts with discussions weren't updating for the Android app. This is now fixed, you do not have to update your app for the changes to take effect.

The GameSense app is a full-featured post reader, backlog manager, and discussion board for posts. If you don't have it yet, you can get it on  The GameSense Android App makes it convenient and easy to get your gaming news, as well as user reviews and videos. But it lets you easily add games to your backlog, so you can follow them and have the App (or GameSense website) notify you when games on your backlog are going to release. You can also join discussions on GameSense too!

The second update allows you to filter games based on if they had a release in a range of year or specific year. Just choose "Release Years" in the GameSense game browser and pick a range to search for. Year search works with all the other filters, so feel free to explore and have some fun. You can get started at

These are not major updates but we hope you will enjoy them.



larynx's Avatar larynx
2020-01-07 14:01:21
nice, should get more people to start taking in here