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Update to user level algorithm

Posted By on February 21st, 2022

We are really making some big updates to the Android App, but we had to also make some adjustments to some of the main features to get them to work. We are really excited about what's coming, there are some pretty big changes to features that weren't getting used too much, but do not worry, we don't believe in "streamlining" stuff. As gamers we know "streamlining" is just an excuse to remove features most of the time.

The short term announcement is that you may have noticed your user level may have jumped. We've changed the algorithm that calculates your GameSense Power Level based on how much you've contributed. It's now more linear. We have some long time power users and we've noticed that level scaling gets pretty slow when you've been on for a while. So your level probably jumped up a lot, and it will grow faster now too. It grows more linear, but still slows down some the higher your level is, like a real RPG scales with levels.

The GameSense Android App 5.0 should be coming soon. We also made huge improvements to score analyzing when you're looking at games and a whole other slew of useful stuff. Hopefully we can get it out on the Play Store soon.

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