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Updated Cache System And A Few Tweaks

Posted By on July 16th, 2021

We've made some big changes to our caching system. uses our own framework and content system, written by us from the ground up. One of the biggest issues we've faced is caching. For the more technically inclined, a trip to the database takes a lot of time, so we try and avoid it. Previously, we used memcached and keyDB, both of which worked well but we were hitting the cache so much, due to GameSense's unique plugin architecture, that we were having CPU problems.

The new cache system simply uses files. This is far faster, even faster than using memcached or keyDB. But we had to make it ourselves, so there may be bugs. We are simply letting you know what's going on here, some features may behave a little odd, some things may work but not update right away. We already fixed one bug where some comments were being posted but weren't being updated, so they weren't showing up. This is because it was pulling in the old comments from cache, before the comment was made. This was fixed. But there may be more. But it's worth it, it's about twice as fast as the old caching system and three times faster than not using any caching at all.

The user menu was also updated, it's a little cleaner now (but we didn't remove anything from it).

GameSense has been making a lot of progress on Google PageSpeed Index. The score directly affects how shows up in search, which is great for you if you're posting your reviews or videos on GameSense as it makes it easier to reach people. We had a bug that was affecting some users of older browsers where non-essential but still important styling and interface stuff wasn't loading. That is fixed now as well, so if you weren't having popups and dialogs show up, press control+F5 on to clear your cache.

Thank you everyone for your patience. We hope that these changes will encourage you to post your videos and write reviews here instead of using the auto-fill feature to post news articles from other sites.

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